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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Zeekler penny auction website

By Dalia K. Stanford

The Zeekler penny auction is a website belonging to Rex Venture Group LLC that is a subsidiary of Lighthouse America. This company was launched by originator and recent Chief Executive Officer of Zeekler and ZeekRewards Paul Burks. As being the title of the business signifies, the penny auction is usually an on-line auction home that gives its visitors the ability to place on-line tenders on goods for an awfully low price. This is USA based company with home office located in Lexington, NC. The company has proved a stable and solid growth with a debt free environment.

Paul Burks is initiator and current CEO of the company. He is a productive and famous proprietor and programmer for multi-level marketing (MLM) for over 14 yrs. The penny auction mechanism wasn't his very first achievement story. FreeStoreClub is a company more than ten years old and became favored back in 2006, and it is one among Paul Burks' first projects. With over 3 million folks in associates and consumers spread across 175 countries all-around the world these days, Paul Burks has established himself a good leader.

The penny auction lets its consumers a pleasing and risk-free strategy to hunt for bargains that they might profit from. It is a penny auctions web-site where people are given the chance to make bids on products and items around 90% off of retail and thus sell those things at a gain, or just maintain it if it floats their boat. The penny auction system gets revenue structured about the bidding process on their particular internet site.

People will get almost everything they require on Zeekler. GPS tools, computing devices, iPods, electronic cameras, the new BBQ grill, and even more could be found on their-own internet site for an incredibly low cost. To be a lucrative business, the company allows its clients 50-500 free bids, compared to the usual 2 and 10 free bids given in similar web-sites, in order to gain a greater understanding of learning curve.

Zeekler produces earnings from user quotes. Users purchase items thru the auction system by creating a bid which is undertaken with Zeekler's "Bid Pack". Each Bid pack positions the bidder back for 65 cents for each and every bid they make. Hence, in case 10000 bids are placed on the item, say a new iPhone or simply a new Canon digital SLR, the business will produce $6500 in earnings.

Zeekler rewards its hard working members. The auctions pay overrides and commission fees for each bid, up to 13 cents for every bid. The more people someone invites to engage in a unique auction the greater bids are paid out. The more bids expended by the people recommended by one person, the greater commission that person can get. The company can appear like a pyramid scheme to some people however they don't see just how services and products are swapped in the process.

Here's the final result: The "Zeekler penny auctions" are popular right now and plenty of people are setting bids on auction web sites in desires of grabbing great products at very affordable prices. You may also earn money on a daily basis with Zeekler by putting bids on web sites.
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