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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Donald Trump Rally Wisconsin State Fair Park West Allis

By Aaron S. Robertson

I thought to myself, "What the hell? Why not?", when I clicked on the link on now president-elect Donald J. Trump's campaign Web site to request a media credential for his rally last night at Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis. I knew I had a 50/50 chance. And I ended up getting approved. For a small, independent blog like mine, whose latest illustrious posts include talking up a local storage unit vendor, me buying a nearly 30-year-old luxury car because of a childhood fascination with the mob, and some dude installing E-15 fuel pumps at his chain of convenience centers in the area, this was really the jackpot! And we are very grateful for it.

In addition to myself, I was also able to get in at the last minute two good friends of mine who served as my assistants for the evening. It was a blast with Noah Stovich and Eddie Bettinger, and we did not hide the fact that this little, independent media outlet is staunchly pro-Trump, as evidenced by this video and photo:

Trump Rally West Allis

Now, we weren't quite as cool as Milo and gang in the following video, but we still thought we were sort of cool. Milo (Milo Yiannopoulos, of Breitbart), by the way, was also in town last night by coincidence (or was it?), appearing at UW-Milwaukee as part of his Dangerous Faggot Tour (he is openly gay). His speech last night for UW-Milwaukee was entitled, "Master Baiters: The Liberals Keeping America’s Race War Alive."

UPDATE: Here is Milo's talk at UW-Milwaukee last night:

What follows in bold here are a number of Facebook posts I was able to fire off during the rally:

Crowd getting fired up and ready to go. Sheriff Clarke just spoke. Congressman Sean Duffy speaking now. From the press stand. . December 13 at 6:13pm.

Trump Rally Wisconsin State Fair Park

Crowdgoers angry at CNN. December 13 at 6:56pm.

Trump Crowd Hates CNN

The man of the hour is on. December 13 at 7:21pm.

"We are going to say, 'Merry Christmas' again." Donald J. Trump. December 13 at 7:23pm.

Ryan getting mixed reactions. Cheering and booing. But Trump calls him "a fine wine." Everyday, he says, "I appreciate his genius more and more." December 13 at 7:27pm.

Crowd turning on media, looking up at us on the platform. Little do they know my humble media outlet,, is with them! We are filling the void of Breitbart on the platform. I am an uglier version of Milo. December 13 at 7:54pm.

[Aaron's note since posting this one: I should have noted here, in case any females decide to finally take notice of me, that I'm also a straighter version of Milo.]

Crowd still turning on media. These wholesome, hardworking crowd goers don't know that we are with them. As one of my assistants tonight, Noah Stovich, told me just now, good thing there is security standing all around us. December 13 at 8:04pm.

Tools of the trade. December 13 at 8:20pm.

This one was just a stand-alone photo without a caption by me. December 13 at 8:50pm.

Chinese-Americans Love Trump

And then somewhere in between posting all of this on my personal Facebook profile, I found the time to post this gem from Classical Art Memes. December 13 at 6:44pm.

Here are a couple of Tweets I did after I got home. Mr. Trump managed to get the crowd fired up against the media (hence a couple of my Facebook posts above) when he said that 70,000 factories had been closed across the country - a number, he said, that must be true, because no one has corrected him on it (meaning, of course, the media). The crowd turned toward the media platform and began booing and heckling all of us on it, as Noah, Eddie, and myself just stood there laughing our asses off. Little did they know...

: Little did u know, 1 media outlet *ardently* in ur corner tonight on that platform in :

: Our *ardently* pro-Trump outlet on platform tonight at the rally. We're with .

Trump Rally Wisconsin State Fair Park

After the rally, as folks started heading out and we were packing up our stuff, a gentleman approached the three of us to tell us, "You know the media thing was all in fun, right?" We talked with him briefly, shared a couple of laughs, and told him we're strongly pro-Trump. I don't think he was quite convinced when he walked away.

Stay tuned for more as we compile a collection of some of our best photos of the evening, along with additional thoughts and material...

UPDATE: Here is video footage of the entire program:

Did you attend the Donald Trump rally at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds on December 13? If so, what are your thoughts? Share your observations and opinions in the Comments section below.

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