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Academic Research and Papers by Aaron S. Robertson

A Review of a Qualitative Study on Culture in Business

Abstract: The paper offers a critique of the article, “Organizational culture – a factor of potential positive influence on the collectivities of any organization,” written by Ramona-Andreea Mihalache and Ruxandra-Gabriela Albu, both of Transilvania University of Brasov, and appearing in a 2016 issue of the Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series I: Engineering Sciences. The article discussed is a qualitative study exploring the subject of culture in business, having implored interviews as the research method to compare the organizational cultures of two Romanian companies.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Author's note: A Reflection on Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why. Includes video footage of Simon Sinek's TED Talk.

Alan Turing

Author's note: The following is taken from a larger paper prepared as part of a course taken for his pursuit of a Ph.D. through Milwaukee's Cardinal Stritch University. For this portion, the author was tasked with identifying and reflecting on a historical figure that in some way exemplified moral leadership. He chose Alan Turing, the subject of the 2014 major motion picture, The Imitation Game.

Excerpts from "The Importance and Relevance of Moral and Ethical Principles in Leadership"

Author's note: The following is taken from a larger paper prepared as part of a course taken for his pursuit of a Ph.D. through Milwaukee's Cardinal Stritch University.

What Leadership Means to Me

Abstract: This author, through a combination of personal work experience and leadership roles held, attempts to define leadership, reflects on his leadership experiences thus far, and states his desires and expectations in pursuing and obtaining a doctorate in leadership.

My Personal Theory of Leadership 

Abstract: In this paper, the author reflects on his own leadership, attempting to formally define and lay out systematically for the first time his personal theory of leadership and what motivates him to aspire to various leadership roles. He does this utilizing a combination of academic research, anecdotal evidence, and his own observations and insights gained over the years through a variety of leadership positions held by him. Comments by colleagues on the author’s leadership in his full-time position are provided here as part of a 360-degree feedback exercise recently conducted. The author also incorporates into the paper an interview with his supervisor at his full-time work organization, Ms. Jamie Ellingen, on her own leadership style, and proposes an adaptive change to be implemented in his work organization, one aligned closely with his espoused values and beliefs concerning leadership.

Following are a selection of papers and presentations written by Aaron in his pursuit of a Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree.

Miscellaneous Papers and Individual Contributions to Larger Group Papers

Browse through this page for Aaron's individual contributions to group papers and for other papers not specifically offered here as stand-alone links. These papers are also a part of Aaron's master's studies, and cover a wide array of business, management, and economic topics.  

An Analysis of Management By Objectives (MBO)

Abstract: This student, relying on a unique combination of academic research, personal work experience, and anecdotal evidence, demonstrates why the performance management system known as Management By Objectives (MBO), as it currently stands, is not the best indicator of an employee’s worth and potential to an organization, and has the ability to severely harm customer service.

Learning vs. Productivity: An Analysis of Managing Multiple Team Memberships within an Organization

Abstract: The author reviews an article by O’Leary, Mortensen, and Woolley (2011) on the potential implications of multiple team membership. Next, relying on a combination of personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and further academic research, the author analyzes the article and offers suggestions for further research into the effects of multiple team membership.

U.S. Manufacturing Job Gains and Imports, 2001-2011: An Analysis 

This study, prepared for a statistics course, examines the correlation between U.S. manufacturing job gains and total imports from 2001-2011.

Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana Unemployment Rates: Same on Average?

This study, prepared for a statistics course, examines whether or not the mean unemployment rates for Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana between 2002-2011 are the same

An Analysis of BP's Ethics

Abstract: Relying on a combination of academic research, news articles, and his own reflections and insights into business, economics, and politics, this student examines the ethics and decision-making processes of BP, formerly known as British Petroleum.