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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Muskego Fest Now DandiLion Daze

Muskego Fest Changes Name to DandiLion Daze

New name pays homage to community’s entertainment heritage; big changes and additions coming to southeastern Wisconsin’s largest free admission festival starting this year.

Muskego, Wisconsin – June 4, 2019 – The Muskego Community Festival, also known as Muskego Fest, announced today that it is changing its name to DandiLion Daze, a tribute to the community’s once-famed DandiLion Park, which at one time housed the country’s fastest rollercoaster, the Tail Spin.

Additionally, the festival, whose proceeds benefit nine community service clubs and organizations in Muskego, is undergoing several major changes and additions, beginning this year, designed to enhance the overall experience and provide patrons with more entertainment and refreshment options.

These enhancements include, among other highlights, partnering with a new carnival, Spectrum Carnival, based out of Michigan, to offer newer equipment and more ride options; the introduction of beer flights, along with a larger selection of craft beers; and teaming up with Spirits of Norway Vineyard, based in the Town of Norway, to offer an assortment of great wines. For 2019, the festival is featuring a cornhole tournament and a 5k run, as well. Those interested in participating in the run, which is being called the Muskego Corn Dog Classic 5k, can register at:

The 2019 festival dates are Friday, August 23 – Sunday, August 25.

Finally, as part of the rebranding process, a new Web site for the festival has been unveiled at Visitors to the festival’s former Web site,, will be redirected to the new one. This new Web site is much more user-friendly, and greatly simplifies and streamlines the registration process for vendors.

“We’re very excited about what we’re doing,” noted Scott Lago, this year’s festival committee chairman. He went on to add, “We have a lot of talent and synergy on our committee, and we’re confident that the new ideas being implemented this year will translate into an even more fun time for families, music fans, and festivalgoers. There’s virtually something for everyone.”

“Come on out and experience our festival. Have a good time, and know that you’re supporting nine wonderful organizations that do so much good in our community year-round,” said Jeff Hoeser, this year’s committee vice-chair, who also oversees the parade that takes place on the Sunday morning of the festival.

Those interested in learning more about the festival’s plans for this year are encouraged to stop by the festival committee’s booth during Jammin’ on Janesville on Friday, June 7.


Aaron S. Robertson

Friday, April 19, 2019

Whitnall Golf Outing June 28, 2019

Come on out and support the Whitnall Activities Department on Friday, June 28, 2019 with a fun day of 18-hole, 4-person scramble golf at Muskego Lakes Country Club on Hwy. 36!

$110 per golfer, or $400 per team. Includes lunch, dinner, and goodie bag. Don’t golf? Dinner only $35!

Proceeds will help fund these non-operating budget needs: updated high school locker rooms, updated gymnasium sound system, and middle school scorers table.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, as well.

For more information, please see attached flier. Online registration, including for sponsorships, can be completed here:

Your support is sincerely appreciated. Thanks so much!

Whitnall Golf Outing June 28, 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Estate Services Muskego Wisconsin

Whether you're in need of residential or commercial remodeling or new construction services, the team at Estate Services can help you. Estate Services, based in Muskego and serving surrounding communities in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, is a full-service remodeling and new construction contractor. All of our skilled carpenters and craftsmen bring at least 25 years of progressive experience to each project, and our network of subcontractors, materials suppliers, designers, architects, and engineers is second to none, providing only top-notch quality and service.

In business for 30 years, Estate Services is active in the community. For us, giving back is a moral and ethical obligation not open to debate. We're an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, and we have an A+ rating.

When you work with Estate Services, you can expect:
  • Contracts, payment schedules, and invoices that are fair and simple to understand
  • Phenomenal customer service and project management every step of the way
  • A team and trusted service network with firmly planted local roots
  • Expertise and precision

Browse our Web site at to learn more about us and what we can offer, and then give us a call at 414-530-8427 to get the conversation started.

From windows and doors, to flooring and decks, and from major remodeling projects on up to home additions and commercial build outs, Estate Services is here for you.

Estate Services - Trusted. Local. Active in the community. We want to earn your business.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mr. Robertson's Corner Blog

The Mr. Robertson’s Corner blog offers meaningful reflections, stories, ideas, advice, and resources for high school students. The blog is written by Aaron S. Robertson, a Ph.D. student and public high school instructional aide in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Mr. Robertson's Corner was launched in December 2018. By February 2019, it had already reached over 40 published posts and more than 50,000 page views. Among many other topics discussed are choosing a college major, resume and cover letter help, applying for work and the job interviewing process, exploring careers, personal finance, life skills, the personal and professional benefits of volunteer work, the importance of learning outside of the classroom, test and exam preparation, and ACT test preparation.

High school students looking for help with homework, picking a college major, resumes, writing a first resume, cover letters, job interviewing, applying for work, picking a career, exploring careers, personal finance, test and exam preparation, and/or preparing for the ACT test, should browse Mr. Robertson's Corner blog at

Friday, February 1, 2019

ACA Music & Entertainment Milwaukee

ACA Music & Entertainment Under New Ownership

Entertainment agency, a main staple on the metro-Milwaukee and Midwest scenes since 1948, acquired by seasoned musician and long-time ACA employee Matt Antoniewicz.

Waukesha, Wisconsin – February 1, 2019 – Matt Antoniewicz, a veteran professional musician and an account executive with ACA Music & Entertainment, announced today that he has acquired ACA. The closing of the purchase took place this past Monday, January 28. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

The firm, which has been in business since 1948, prides itself as the oldest and largest provider of live entertainment in the Midwest. The agency’s original owner, Bill Rothe, left the company to his siblings upon his passing. The company was most recently owned and operated by Mr. Rothe’s youngest daughter, Nancy Rothe-Egezeino. Ms. Rothe-Egezeino will continue with ACA as senior sales associate.

“I look forward to carrying on the ACA tradition of providing high-quality live bands, DJs, magicians, comedians, and an impressive array of entertainment options,” Mr. Antoniewicz said, adding, “We’re working diligently to bring in new bands and fresh ideas, like our first all-original artist, The Barbara Stephan Band.”

About ACA Music & Entertainment

Based in Waukesha, ACA has been in business since 1948. While the firm is well-known for its extensive assortment of quality live music acts, its overall entertainment portfolio and event management capabilities is extensive. Among a host of other offerings, ACA can provide DJs, audio/lighting production, celebrity impersonators, balloon artists, comedians, jugglers, magicians, face painters, and even murder mystery productions. Memorable themed-experiences are a specialty of ACA, with some examples including Roaring 20s Gala, Vegas Night, Moulin Rouge, Carnivale in Rio, and Hawaiian Luau.

To learn more about ACA and its offerings, visit it on the Web at, or call 262.790.0060.

About Matt Antoniewicz

Mr. Antoniewicz studied music performance and jazz studies at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. A long-time freelance trumpeter by profession, he served as a traveling music teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools for 13 years. He is also the founder and owner of North Coast Management, an artist management company that represents, among other artists, the bands Platinum; The North Coast Orchestra; Velocity; Livin’ The Dream; Respect! A Tribute to Aretha Franklin; and The Barbara Stephan Band. Mr. Antoniewicz continues to perform as a freelance trumpeter, and his performance credits include some of the most impressive national acts and productions to come out of the jazz, easy listening, pop, and R&B genres, as well as the touring Broadway circuit.



Aaron S. Robertson

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Milwaukee Landscaping

Landscaping Lingo: Making Sense of Professional Landscaping Speak

If you've been researching potential landscaping projects, then you've likely come across an unfamiliar term or two during your search. To help get you up to speed on your basic landscaping lingo before undertaking your next project, here is a list of commonly-used landscaping terms and their subsequent meanings. Landscaping contractors that service the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area will be familiar with these terms.

Acidic Soil – Soil with a pH value less than 7.0.

Aeration – The loosening of compact soil by digging or other mechanical means to increase the soil's water and air circulation.

Alkaline Soil – Soil with a pH value greater than 7.0.

Annual – A plant that sprouts, matures, and dies in a single growing season.

Bed – A plot of ground separate from the lawn where plants, shrubs, and trees can be planted.

Biennial – A plant that requires two growing seasons to complete its life cycle.

Broadcast – Scatter loose materials like seed and fertilizer.

Canopy – Any overhead covering including trees or man-made structures.

Coniferous – Trees or shrubs that produce cones.

Dead Heading – Removing a plant's dead flowers to prevent seed development and encourage continued blooming.

Deciduous – Trees, shrubs, and plants that shed their leaves in the fall and grow replacement leaves in the spring.

Evergreen – Trees, shrubs, and plants that remain green year-round.

Foliage – The leaves of a tree, shrub, or plant.

Germination – The sprouting of a plant from a seed.

Ground Cover – Low-growing plants or other materials used for covering the ground's surface.

Hardscape – Any structural elements like decks, patios, and sheds, including smaller features like stones, rocks, and walkways.

Hardy – Plants that can withstand colder temperatures without artificial protection.

Invasive – Non-native plants that grow and spread too vigorously.

Irrigation – Controlled watering.

Mulch – Loose materials laid over soil to prevent weeds and increase water retention.

Perennial – A plant that returns year after year with renewed growth from its rootstock.

pH – A measure that determines the acidity or alkalinity of soil.

Propagation – Creating new plants from a parent stock.

Pruning – Cutting off parts of a tree, shrub, or plant to maintain its health and control its size and appearance.

Raised Bed – A separate, raised plot of ground where plants, shrubs, and trees can be planted.

Root Ball – A thick mass of roots and soil that is most commonly seen in container-grown plants.

Sod – Small sections of pre-grown grass with a base layer of roots and soil that can be transplanted in a new location.

Softscape – Any natural elements including plants, grass, and soil.

Sow – To plant seeds.

Topiary – Trees or shrubs styled into ornamental shapes by pruning or shearing.

Variegated – Plants with leaves or petals marked by irregularly colored spots or streaks.

Xeriscaping – Using plants suited to a specific environment to eliminate or reduce the need for supplemental watering.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Milwaukee Remodeling Contractor

How to Choose the Right Milwaukee Remodeling Contractor for the Job

The amount of effort you spend finding the right contractor for your Milwaukee, Wisconsin home or business can make the difference between having a positive remodeling experience and a nightmarish one. Unfortunately, finding a good contractor isn't the easiest thing to do – especially if you don't know where to start looking. So, to help ensure you find the right person for your remodeling job, be sure to follow these steps when deciding on a contractor.

1. Seek out the names of remodeling contractors in your area.

There are many ways to find the names of contractors working in your area. Perhaps you have some friends who recently completed a similar remodel. If they were pleased with the work, ask them for the name of the contractor they dealt with. You can also look online or in your local Yellow Pages for contractor names. Simply find any names you can and add them to your list of potential remodeling contractors.

2. Research the contractors found during your previous search.

Once you've got a list of potential Milwaukee remodeling contractors, you'll need to research each one so you can narrow down your choices. Be sure to check online reviews and search the contractor's history with the Better Business Bureau. If any of your potential candidates have less-than-stellar reviews or a poor rating on the Better Business Bureau's website, eliminate them from your list.

3. Interview potential candidates.

Now that you've narrowed down your list to the most promising candidates, you'll need to conduct some interviews. Choose the number of contractors you'd like to interview about your remodeling project and start making calls. If your list of potential candidates is still rather long at this point, then contact your top picks first. You can always go back and contact additional contractors from the remaining names on your list if you are unsatisfied with your original choices.

During the interviews, seek answers to questions like:

- Does the contractor take on projects your size?
- How many similar jobs has the contractor completed?
- Will the contractor focus on your project themselves or will subcontractors be called in to complete the job?
- What efforts will the contractor take to keep the job site clean and safe?
- Can the contractor provide you with a list of references?
- What types of payment options and schedules does the contractor support?

If, at the end of the interview, you feel the contractor still has potential, then request a formal bid with a breakdown of project costs so you can use it to make an informed decision. Be sure to get everything in writing, as a detailed bid can be helpful later if you have a dispute. Ask the contractor to be as detailed as possible in their bid and include such details as brands of materials and products to be used, plus payment amounts and schedule options.

4. Decide which contractor is right for you.

When deciding on which remodeling contractor to go with, it's important that you take your time and avoid making hasty decisions. If your gut is telling you not to go with a certain contractor, then it might be wise to listen. Before making any decisions, however, be sure to carefully study the breakdown of costs provided by each potential contractor, because the quantity and quality of materials will likely differ from one bid to the next.

While making your decision, do keep in mind that it's not always wise to gravitate toward the contractor with the cheapest bid. Though paying less does sound nice, a cheaper bid may mean the contractor is inexperienced or plans on cutting corners to keep costs low. Also, be sure your final choice has the proper credentials to work in your area, including valid insurance, so you don't find yourself liable for any on-the-job accidents or damage to nearby properties, should such problems occur during the remodel.

There is plenty to think about when planning a remodel. One area of thought that should never be overlooked is the question of who will be your contractor. So that you don't end up choosing the wrong person for the job, be sure to follow the preceding steps when deciding on which Milwaukee contractor will oversee your next remodeling project.