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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook and Your Business

By Aaron S. Robertson

When I speak to other business owners and professionals about the use of social media in promoting their business, I'm often met by blank stares and a few old misconceptions when Facebook is brought up.

"I thought that was a site for college kids." "I thought that site was for kids to goof around on." These are some of the responses I receive.

It is true that kids of all ages are on Facebook. It actually started off as a college student-only site, where, in order to establish a profile, one needed a valid college- or university-issued e-mail address. Eventually, the site was opened up to high school students, and, down the road, to anyone with an e-mail address.

I hopped on the Facebook bandwagon almost five years ago while I was in college and the site was still exclusive to college students. I now have close to 800 friends.

With Facebook now open to anyone, there are more and more business owners and professionals setting up both personal and business profiles. There are now groups on the site, like this one, that have been established solely for the benefit of professionals.

So don't discount the value of Facebook. People are undoubtedly networking and getting business done over the site now, so don't miss out. The misconception that Facebook is just a site for kids is just that--a misconception.

Aaron Robertson is president of Intrepid Innovations Inc.     

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