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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need a Referral?

Are you in need of a Milwaukee-area service provider? E-mail me at: to tell me who/what you're looking for, and I will see what I can do for you. Please note that due to the high amounts of e-mails I receive and an extremely hectic schedule, it may take me up to a couple days or so to help you. 
Your e-mail addresses won't be used for any sort of list. It will never be given out or sold. I receive nothing from the contacts I refer you to. And the contact or contacts that I'll provide you with are solid professionals in their respective fields whom I'm willing to publicly stake my name and reputation on.

So whether you're looking for professionals in the financial services industry, general and specialized contractors, printers, marketers, life and business coaches, credit card processors, attorneys, photographers, insurance agents, florists, accountants, public relations professionals, copy writers, computer and Web programmers, computer repair experts, and so on, shoot me an e-mail, and I'm happy to provide whatever help I can.

All I ask is that you tell these contacts you were referred by me, Aaron Robertson, the president of Intrepid Innovations, through our Metro-Milwaukee Power Networkers Blog.

Too your success,


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