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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking to Buy or Sell IT Services? Read On

Are you or someone you know looking to buy or sell IT services? Exchange ideas, advice, and resources with fellow IT professionals? Read on, because this is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on. The team here at Intrepid Innovations Inc. recently came across, and we think it's an awesome concept. What follows is a brief profile about ITeezy.

Just to throw in my own two cents here, investing in human capital - in human potential and creativity - is the way of the future, and businesses like these are already paving the way to that future, providing countless economic opportunities to anyone in the world with a reliable Internet connection. These are definitely exciting times. Read on. --Aaron Robertson

Headquarters: Verplanck, New York
Founded: 2007
Founder: Mat Banik
Domain: is an online freelance web site that serves as an Internet virtual marketplace for Information Technology professionals. Allowing IT workers to quote a fixed price for their services, ITeezy allows employers to browse through work providers for various projects and assignments.

ITeezy uses its own checkout system in order to secure business transactions between job providers and their employers. Without purchase of IT services, users can also find Information Technology advice and information on the Directory.

History was founded in 2007 by Mat Banik, currently functioning as the web site’s Chief Executive Officer. strives to break out of the usual freelance website mode, allowing for an active community to contribute by posting advice, tips, and comments about both Information Technology projects as a whole and about the site itself.

The Process

Similar to the process at other freelance web sites, the process allows for online checking out and transactions that ensure a smooth transition of work and project payments. As is the case at sites like, is broken down into a number of categories including Certifications, Consulting, Design, Education, Marketing, Software, and others.

The different types of profiles are divided among providers and buyers. Providers list their services for a flat fee - rather than posting on a per project basis - and buyers can register their companies to in order to establish a presence on the site and outsource their work to the providers listed at

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