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Monday, February 28, 2011

Talk to a Real Live Human Being

While going through the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday, I found an interesting blurb in The Wall Street Journal Sunday portion of the Business section.

Entitled "Get Through To a Human", and written by Rachel Louise Ensign, the brief article offers some great pointers and resources on how to actually get a human on the phone when you're calling your bank, credit card issuer, phone provider, etc.

Visit, which will give you the exact number combinations or words you must say into your phone in order to get through to an operator. The site has listings for over 2,200 companies.

Here's some helpful info on how to reach someone at a few of the largest companies out there, according to the article:

Chase Bank: Once you hear the robotic operator talking, press *0 and repeat until you reach someone.

AT&T U-Verse: Call 1-888-722-9337 and dial extension 924.

MasterCard: Press 0 three times quickly.

Greyhound's fair-and-schedule information line: Press 26.

What a great, helpful resource to have!

--Aaron Robertson

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