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Monday, March 28, 2011 An Online Advertising Network

Mediashakers brings together both advertisers - businesses looking to promote themselves with an Internet-based advertising campaign - and publishers - bloggers or Web site administrators looking for extra income by agreeing to share some of their online real estate in order to make these advertising campaigns possible - in an online Ad Network that truly spans the globe and receives more than five billion total impressions per month.

One of the big differences that makes Mediashakers stand out from the competition is its strong commitment to reach highly targeted leads for its clients who are paying for an online advertising campaign. There are many other online advertising networks in existence, but many of them don't quite live up to the laser-like focus with which Mediashakers employs to find only the most suitable of Web sites to feature the ads of its clients. This makes for a great fit for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can rest assured that they are generating solid leads, which ultimately translates into increased sales, while increasing awareness for their respective brands. Publishers can rest assured that they aren't having their Web sites peppered with irrelevant ads.

So whether you are a business looking to launch an online ad campaign in order to boost your leads, sales, and overall exposure on the Web (an advertiser), or a blogger or Web site administrator who's looking for additional income by agreeing to host ads on your site (a publisher), check out the Mediashakers Online Advertising Network. There are great opportunities here for both advertisers and publishers.

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