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Monday, July 11, 2011 is Great for Medical Scrubs

If you're a male doctor, dentist, veterinarian, surgeon, or nurse,  or you serve in the field of medicine or science in another capacity, you're well aware that you can always use a quality pair of scrubs.

You can find what you're looking for at: offers top-notch discount medical scrubs in a variety of styles, fashions, and colors. 

But in addition to offering scrubs, the site also serves as a clearinghouse for an extensive variety of scrub hats, lab coats, jackets, shirts, and accessories. Coming soon is even a line of children's-sized scrubs!

Customers also have the ability to build a wish list, and gift certificates can be purchased in any amount between $1.00 and $1,000.

With great pricing, frequent sales, new product lines added all the time, and free shipping on orders of $155 or more, this site is definitely worth checking out if you're a medical professional in need of scrubs.    


  1. Hospitals need the most different varieties of medical scrubs. Hospital staff needs disposable lab coats and scrubs to prevent the transfer of any disease from one patient to another.