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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Muskego BNI Chapter

Following is the unedited version of an article Aaron S. Robertson authored for Muskego Patch in May 2011.

If you’re a business owner or working professional looking to network in Muskego, there are a number of available options open to you, options you may not be aware of. That’s where Muskego Patch comes in. What follows is the second installment in an occasional, ongoing series devoted to business networking opportunities here in Muskego.

Previously, we took a look at the St. Paul’s Business Builders Networking Group. Following is information on the Boundless Business BNI chapter.

Muskego BNI Chapter

Business Networking International - commonly known simply as BNI - is a networking organization with local chapters around the world, and one of those chapters, which calls itself “Boundless Business,” just happens to be right here in Muskego.

BNI Boundless Business meets every Thursday morning at Delta Family Restaurant, S75 W17358 Janesville Road.

Unlike the St. Paul’s Business Builders Networking Group, which was recently featured on Muskego Patch, BNI chapters restrict their membership to one person per occupation represented.

According to Jeff Hoeser of American Solutions for Business, who currently serves as the Muskego chapter’s president, there are currently around 30 members in the group.

There are also dues to belong: $365 per year, plus a $100 one-time sign-up fee.

But Hoeser assures that the dues, which are seen more as an investment, are well-worth it.

“Because of our BNI affiliation, we have access to a lot of valuable resources and trainings, which include workshops, seminars, and so on,” Hoeser said. “New members are required to attend a two-hour training, and new officers are required to attend a three-hour training. And for those interested, there are more-advanced trainings, books, CDs, and other materials  available, as well,” he added.

In addition to the position of chapter president, other officer positions include a vice president, secretary-treasurer, and education coordinator. Officers change every six months, and the president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer get their dues covered during their term. There is also a four-member membership committee, which handles new member applications and welcomes guests.

While the attendance policy may seem strict to outsiders, BNI is unique in that it allows its members to have substitutes represent them in case they need to miss meetings, and the chapter maintains a pool of available subs that members can call upon if needed.

Asked why he joined BNI and why he recommends it to other business professionals, Hoeser said, “It’s a great opportunity to increase your own business and to develop a good network of trusted contacts. And while there are other networking groups and events out there that provide you with a venue to network, BNI largely focuses on teaching you how to network, and that’s important.”

For further information about BNI Boundless Business, visit its Web page at:

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