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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Own Theater!

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

I love having my own theater but boy is it a lot of work! Being here in Texas has always been a dream of mine and I’ve finally realized it so it’s great to say that I’m a small business owner here in the Lone Star state! I went to to talk to someone about electricity rates and I’ve also set up an appointment with an accountant to go over some of the crazy tax laws that they’re always changing around here. I’m thinking of hiring a few more part time people to run the front office but that’s going to cost money that I’m not sure I can spare right now. But I’ve always gotten through the hard times in the past and I feel like this will be good for business in the long run so I’m going to go for it even if it does break me in the short term! Oh the things you do for your business when you’re running one on your own, I tell you what!

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