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Friday, September 30, 2011

An Accounting Degree Is The Beginning Of A Great Career!

By Natasha Bright

As the years go by, the financial world is doing the complete opposite of what most technology promises - that of making things more simple and easier to understand. Finance has its own language and those who can understand it and use their skills to guide others through these complicated waters are in great demand. The specialization of this skill starts with a bachelors degree.

The necessity of keeping accurate records is probably why this discipline goes a long way back - approximately 7,000 years - and is still one of the most popular fields taken at online colleges. Accounting has evolved quite a bit over the millennia. It has become so diverse and complex that the modern day accountant is often furthering their education long after obtaining their certification, associates, bachelors and even their MBA. If you need more information about associate degree, look on the internet.

There are different legal classifications for the distinct groups of accountants, including Certified Management Accounts, Accredited Business Accountants, Certified Internal Auditors and the one everyone seems to have had some sort of personal contact with, the Certified Public Accountant. Of course, this does not include those who work in the billing field, such as medical billers, or those who do the books for their own private company or small business.

There's nothing overly complicated about getting started in the field of finance. A love of numbers is great, but you don't have to be such a whiz that you would give Stephen Hawking a run for his money when it comes to complicated formulae. You took math in high school and what you're going to do now is build on that. Adding additional knowledge, including college-level math, spreadsheets, and statistics will ensure you feel confident as your career advances. There is such a need for this type of expertise that many forms of financial aid exist for those who under take it.

This is a statistically growing field, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating growth is estimated at 10% from 2008 to 2018. At the time of the study, a little over two million accountants were employed in all capacities. The projected growth is related to those who are reaching retirement, those advancing from their current position to upper management levels, and an overall increase in the population count of the country. The number in the accounting field is estimated to be 2.25 million by the year 2018. There is an abundance of information about associate degree online on the web.

The salary of an accountant can go anywhere from $26,000 on the low end to just under $95,000 on the high end. This is not including those who work in more specialized areas or are employed by larger conglomerates. Employment perks can include health care, as well as a wide range of retirement and other investment packages as fitting a stalwart member of the financial industry.

An accountant's future is virtually unlimited. Many senior members of major corporations, including members of the board of executives, started as accountants. A number of accountants take their hard earned knowledge to set up their own practices. Actually what matters is what they do after they get their Bachelors. It's not uncommon for them to matriculate in an online program and further their education in marketing or law, then branching out accordingly.

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