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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Great Result of Lasik: A Clear Vision

By Mark D. Stallworth

Our eyes constitute one of the most vital parts of our body. The wonderful mechanism of our eyes presents us the vision to see and realize the marvelous gifts of life. God has bestowed a genuine power to our eyes without which we fail to see anything and everything around us. But, it is unfortunate to note that the world is made of thousands and millions of people who are unable to utilize the power of their eyes without the use of artificial items like spectacles and lenses. The miraculous discovery of Lasik or the Eye Laser surgery has become an eye-opener to a high percentage of the society.

The fame acquired with the introduction of Lasik surgery is worth it as it can genuinely cure eye defect conditions like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is one of the forms of refractive surgery and appears comparable to photorefractive keratectomy. The name Lasik actually means laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.

Lasik surgery has gained great recognition worldwide, the main reason being the fact that the surgery is quite painless. Also, patients are able to see immediate effects wherein their vision recovers to normalcy from the second day of surgery which makes people believe in the competence of Lasik surgeries.

Lasik is only performed after the careful observation of the thickness of the cornea of the patient. The surgery involves making an incision onto the cornea to produce a thin flap which is performed by the microkeratome. However, nowadays, laser is also used to achieve the same.

Excimer laser is used to adjust the shape of cornea by removing the required amount of corneal tissues, subsequent to the cornea flap being pulled back. Ultraviolet rays of the excimer laser does the job of reshaping the cornea for normal vision.

A patient can get a good vision only after the cornea is reformed wherein the light rays will precisely fall on the retina wall. The corneal flap which was created during the surgery is returned to the place of corneal tissues which were earlier taken out.

Most of the defects of eye can be treated by Lasik surgery which includes farsighted, nearsighted and astigmatism condition. The nearsighted eyes are cured by decreasing the steepness of the cornea and the farsighted eyes are treated by increasing the steepness of the cornea. Excimer laser can also treat astigmatism by shaping up the irregular cornea to normal size.

Your ophthalmologist needs to undergo an intense check-up of your eyes before you are put to surgery. The observation includes your general eye health, the vision correctness which you need, and the laser ablation required. Your eye surgeon would certainly check for dryness in your eyes if any and even if you do not suffer from such condition, intense care should be taken after the surgery to avoid eye dryness.

Lasik surgery is a very short operation and takes just around 5-8 minutes to finish. The patient suffers no major pain during the operation and patients start recovering their vision from the very next day of the operation although for some people it takes a few days more. In all, Lasik is certainly a gift to the people suffering from eye defects which gives a chance to them to enjoy the world again without any synthetics.

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