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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Amazing New GHD Glamour Straightening Iron

By Gabby Stirling

The 50s look is incredibly hot news currently and ghd have come up with a fantastic styler that will help achieve that 50s flick super star hair-do. The ghd Glamour Exclusive edition has been developed to create the timeless appearance made popular by stars such as Ava Gardner and Jane Russell, and when you're looking for the same look, the Gold Classic Styler genuinely delivers.

This styler's style and design is extremely evocative of the Fifties era, having a smooth black background scattered with glamorous gold. It is packaged in a stylish tote which is chic enough to be used as an evening purse an element that certainly sets it apart from its competitors.

Not only does the Gold Classic look like it is well worth a million dollars, but the general performance is equally as spectacular. It provides the best in ceramic heater engineering to give a smooth silky smooth result without any hint of dryness. The curved plates have been made to slide through the hair without creating static, to provide that professional, top-salon look.

The styler is sold with not one but two sectioning clips for convenient hair styling, and a handy manual that provides step-by-step guidelines that will help you achieve the Hollywood look. There is a wide choice of styles to select from, and once the simple techniques have been perfected, tight curls, waves or funky flicks can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

A swivel cord has been utilized in the design and style, which is a excellent development that permits you to move the styler easily. When hair styling your hair to create waves, the Gold Classic power cord will not become twisted, a great improvement that moves the Classic in line with professional-grade hairdressing equipment.

There are two important safety features on ghd hair stylers: an automatic shut-down that triggers after 30 minutes of inactivity, in addition to a protective plate guard that helps to stop scorched surface areas and fire.

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