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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogging Lessons to Keep in Mind

By Emily Sanchez

Blogging is a really great way to keep in contact with your target audience when you work in the Internet Marketing world and it can help you quite a bit in terms of establishing your brand identity within your market. Most Internet Marketers these days, though, aren't making the proper use of blogs and the potential that they offer. There is quite a lot that you can get from blogging--even when you have the simplest blog out there--in terms of your marketing, traffic, exposure, brand building, etc. If you come to see and understand how a blog can help you position yourself in your market, you would put a lot more effort into it. The following article talks about three blogging lessons that every Internet marketer-cum-blogger should be aware of...

People like simple so don't allow your blog to become too complicated. If you put too much of an emphasis on seeming sophisticated with your blog content, you might end up confusing some of your readers and is that a good idea? Absolutely not! This is why it is important to keep every part of your blog simple. Even when it comes to the design, try to keep it lightweight and to the point. Focus on giving your readers the proper level of value even when you need to explain a difficult concept, try to do so in simple terms so that it is easy to understand. This is the best way to get your readers to trust you while also elevating the quality of your blog into something you can truly leverage.

The essential essence of blogging is both in how timely the updates you create for your blog are and what sort of effort you put into composing fresh content on a consistent and regular basis. The key in this situation is to be consistent; this is a very important part of becoming a successful blogger; if you aren't consistent with the effort you put in to blogging then you have to know that most people will skip right over your blog and subscribe to one that is updated regularly. It's important to compose at least five posts per week to give your readers some honest and true value. People read blogs because they want to stay up to date on the topics in which they are interested. So the more work you put into keep your blog alive and kicking, the more you'll be able to get out of it.

Always remember that content is king - the design, the plugins, the comments, everything come second. Focus all of your goals and attention on creating good content for your readers because they need honest value from you. If you have managed to create the right sort of content and are able to publish it regularly, you'll see that your readers are much happier, that your blog's popularity has risen and that you feel really satisfied every time you write and publish a post.

The blogging platform on which you place your blog is incredibly important in the shaping of your blog both on the outside and internally and that is why you need to go with Wordpress; the best option in blogging for Internet Marketers. The variety of plugins that you get with WordPress and many other things make WordPress the viable candidate for creating and running your blog; it also helps you SEO wise, which is an important factor. However, see to it that you keep your blog simple and to the point, and you do not use heavy themes; focus more on the content you deliver than the design aspect of it.

If you do some looking, you'll see that a lot of the IMers at the tops of their markets have blogs and post to them consistently. Even if you're just starting out with affiliate marketing, creating a well defined blog is something you can't ignore. We've talked about a few very important lessons in this article, make sure you put them to work when you create your own blog. In the long run, blogging and IM are quite complementary, so don't waste any more time before setting up your own blog or using these lessons to help you improve the blogs you already run.

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