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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Consult Cosmetic Dentists Liverpool for Gum Lift Treatment

By Marty Don

A person who possesses a healthy, straight and white smile can be marred by an irregular or excessive gum line, and several people who possess this (what is usually referred to as a 'gummy smile') could be so conscious of that fact. Thanks to the newest developments in cosmetic dentistry, now individuals do not have to feel self-conscious, nor do they have to undergo the scalpel to remedy the situation. Nowadays, gum reshaping (gum lift) is a direct, quick and painless treatment performed by an expert Cosmetic Dentist utilizing a specialist Diode Laser.

There are many options available within the realms of cosmetic dentistry. The most suitable for you would need to be discussed with your cosmetic dentists Liverpool. Those with a 'gummy smile' may be suitable candidates for gum lift or reshaping: For those with a receding gum line a cosmetic dentist may recommend combining dental veneers and/or crowns with this procedure. In some instances tissue grafts might be required. With a Diode Laser the procedure is evasive - The patient's mouth is anaesthetized and the laser cauterizes the gum line as it reshapes. This reduces the chance of infection as well as reduces bleeding: Therefore a popular option.

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift, sometimes called gum reshaping or gingivectomy, is a procedure that removes gums to make teeth appear longer and the gum line more even. Some people expose more gums than others when they smile, as their smile line is high which can make them look rather gummy. A gummy look can be due to a variety of reasons including genetics or health, and it can also be due to certain medications prescribed for high blood pressure.

Even though having a gummy smile or uneven gum line is in no way destructive to teeth, it can make people feel somewhat self-conscious with smiling, and if this affects you, then cosmetic dentists Liverpool can help you restore a beautiful smile.

If you are planning to have cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix your gummy smile, it is vital to make sure the cosmetic dentists Liverpool you consider is experienced within this field.

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