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Monday, October 17, 2011

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Software's Breakthrough

By Max Manning

A question raised by several people, is it to write or to type? With the advancement of the digital world, paper charts are facing an end already. Development after development is being faced by technology today No industry that is not using information technology. According to the statistics, there are a lot of people engaged into medical professions. Considering that there are hundreds of patients every day, many hospitals have different information system that is usually paper-based transactions. It is so difficult for the healthcare professionals to accommodate, and work quickly. Medical industry comes along with the technology revolution.

Microsoft and other partner developed software that helped medical staffs work efficiently and faster. This is an application that aims to improve handling of information of patients. This is an application that is called the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), which works to digitize the traditional paper-based patient information recording. It was first use in 1967 at the University of Vermont when Utah's Latter day Saints Hospital launched the system.

How does this system work? This software is installed in the hospital's central server and networked to PCs, laptops, and PC tablets. What makes the EMR system an asset?

Does it really help? Most hospitals and clinics in the US are using this system. The EMR offers benefits such as better quality care, medication error prevention, readmission rate reduction, and easy patient information scanning. This application is very help because aside from tracking individual information, it can also be of help for insurance purposes and other legalities. There are also advantages of having EMR (Electronic Medical Record), it prevents unnecessary testing which can save both hospital time and money. They can be transferred via email to inform the patient that the test had been done. It provides accurate medical result that stored in the system and it is prone in human error. The date in the system is always updates and all information can be restricted and monitored automatically.

In some cases, people have fear that the confidentiality might be at risk or damaged of viability of the data and it is vulnerable to cyber-thieves. Also, EMR is pricey and can be a problem to the finances of the medical facility. Efficiently using this system needs knowledge and expertise in the end.

Lastly, accomplishing an effective EMR system transforms how it cares for the patients and the medical staff as well as making a positive financial investment to the organization.

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