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Monday, October 3, 2011

An Extension Cord Reel is Good for Organizing Christmas Lights

By Matthew Janice

If you're like me, come the end of the Christmas season, you dread the needed cleanup and reorganization. All of the lights must come down, the wilting tree thrown out, the decorations taken down and properly stored away, makes for a lot of work that ultimately gets procrastinated till after the start of the New Year.

Heck, if you're like my neighbors, the job doesn't even get done and the lights stay up till next Christmas season. I'm going to let you in on a little secret that will save you time and energy - an extension cord reel. Go out and buy several of these at your local hardware store.

An extension cord reel is the best tool you can use to store your lights, and any extension cords you have lying around the house. Do you know what an extension cord reel is? You may have seen one at your neighbor's house. It's a little contraption the winds your power cords or your long power cables, in an organized way around a spool. It makes for easy storage and easy use the next time your need to use your extension cord.

So, how do you use it to store your Christmas lights? Simple, just take one end of your 100 bulb strand and loop it through the entry point of the extension cord reel. Next, start winding up your Christmas lights. Once you have one strand on, connect another strand into the outlet of the previously reeled strand, and wind until your second strand is on the reel. Finally, hook in one more strand and reel it up. You can normally fit about three 100 bulb strands on a normal extension cord reel.

So, the next time you are dragging your feet about cleaning up and putting away all of the Christmas dcor, use one of your gift cards to buy yourself a few extension cord reels. You'll love how easy it makes putting away your lights, and the next holiday season when it is time to put up some lights, it will be very easy. So, go get yourself an extension cord reel.

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