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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flight Site Seeing at the Grand Canyon

By Penelope Cruiz

The Grand Canyon is one of America's great beauties in terms of her landscape and it is carved by the side of the Colorado River in the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is within the territory of the Grand Canyon National Park. Spread over 277 miles in length and 18 miles in width and, at certain places, having a depth of up to 6,000 feet, it is indeed one of the natural marvels in the world.

The western side of the Grand Canyon is also home to the Indian Village, where one can see actual houses and huts constructed by the natives. It also has an amphitheater. The Hualapai Ranch organizes horseback rides, cowboy cookouts and sheltered wagon rides. Professional gun-fighters also put up a grand show, reminiscent of the famous western cowboy movies.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's greatest tourist spots and it attracts over five million visitors annually. There are plenty of activities available at the Grand Canyon for tourists. Rafting, hiking and running are just some of the attractions available all year round.

The helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon remains a popular activity among the tourists. The best way to visit the Grand Canyon is to go there from Las Vegas. There are plenty of these tours conducted with the starting point as Las Vegas. The helicopter tours show off the splendor of the landscape and provide awe-inspiring views of the Hoover Dam, the Iceberg Canyon, the Lake Mead, The Las Vegas Strip and the Valley of Fire.

Lipan Point which is situated to the east of the Grand Canyon Village is a peninsula kind of land. The helicopters can land only on the western region of the Canyon. It is situated just 120 miles east of Las Vegas and this is one of the main reasons that it makes sense to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The helicopters descend into the Inner Canyon and land on strips along the Colorado River.

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