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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Find An Overnight Summer Camp

By James Lorenz

So summer is here and your kid is pestering you to go to a Residential Summer Camps . So if this is your first time looking for a summer camp do not panic. THe best advice is to do loads of homework up front and it will pay off in spades in the end.

Types of Camps - Generally speaking, camps can either be day or overnight camps. The difference between these two types is those [under | belonging to] the latter provide accommodations to kids for a specified period of time, usually ranging from one to nine weeks. Day camps, [meanwhile |on the other hand], do not have facilities to allow for a residential program.

So you have decided a sleep-away camp is going to be the camp for this summer, But now what? These camps come in two forms coed or single gender. Both have a valid benefit to your child. A boys or a girls camp reduces stress by eliminating the other gender... most important for young teens. Coed camps are more like life, and good one promote kids making friends rather than societies pressures.

Now it's time to look at programs and camps philosophy. Talk to the directors and be sure that you and they are a good match. Programs include sports camps, academic camps general camp, and much much more. You can even find Lego camps for those kids who love to build.

Activities - A traditional camp provides outdoor activities but focuses on teaching them to be more self-reliant and more sociable. For some, campers want specific skills to be taught during the camp session. These can include:

Physical activity - There are as many camps as there are sports, So it's just a matter of finding the activity you want to get better in and going and improving your skills.

Arts - Camps often offer kids the opportunity to explore their talent in performing or learn and/or develop skills under creative arts, such as the following: photography, film making, wood- and metalworking, and crafts like crocheting and cross-stitching.

Education - Summer is not a time for school but many camps provide learning opportunities. Some provide a college like structure while many others meld fun along with learning.

Tripping - As campers get older many want more adventure in their summer. Tripping camps take kids on trips, canoe, backpack and bike out into the wild to see mother nature. Teens love these experiences since they allow children to be responsible for themselves.

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