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Saturday, October 1, 2011

How To Get More Connections On LinkedIn Fast

By Christian Smitha

LinkedIn is a social networking site focused on building professional relationships for the purpose of sharing ideas, finding employees or employers. It stands alone in this arena. The growth in new users has been exponential over the past year. Because of its growing popularity, increasing your LinkedIn connections is easier than you thought. Let us teach you how to get more connections on LinkedIn.

To find others to connect with on this site, you need go no further than your email address book. Every time you send out an email from your office you have the opportunity to tell someone about this site. The people with whom you share electronic mail on a daily basis are probably the kind of people you would want to network with. Just include a signature with your site ID and you will be bringing in potential connections that have similar interests.

Although this site is an Internet based site, you do not have to limit your thinking to include only Internet based searches for new prospects. Adding your information to your business cards is a very effective way to invite new people. Handing your card out to potential partners, customers, employees, employers or other business contacts spreads the word about your site.

Social media is monopolizing the Internet these days. It is rare to find a person who is not on at least one social networking site. Also, some networking sites are linked to each other. This makes expanding your list easier. If you meet someone on one of your other sites who may benefit from the unique attributes of this site, invite them to join you. Remember to point out the advantages of networking with like-minded people.

Most of the people you send email to in your business day probably have an interest in your line of work. Placing your address in your signature will give them an opportunity to connect with you in a different environment and help build your connections.

It may feel a little scary when you first think about it but once you start you will see that everyone is looking for the same thing you are. Networking is a two way street. There may be things you have to offer someone who can then help you in an area where you need it.

As we have seen, this site is a great place for building specific relationships to help grow and improve your business. By doing the simple steps, which included putting your address on your business card, using other social media sites to advertise your page, posting a signature link on your daily emails and asking your contacts for recommendations, it is without question that you will increase your connections on this site. Now you know how to get more connections on LinkedIn.

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