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Friday, October 14, 2011

Knowing The Distinction Between Wasp Spray And Pepper Spray For Defensive Uses

By Vanesa K Davis

Because of everybody's want of ways to be protected from criminal offense, pepper spray has grown to become nearly the face of self-defense for the common people. More recently, wasp spray is emerging as another type of defense spray.

Is there any kind of major difference between Wasp spray and pepper spray when considering self-defense? While pepper sprays have done very well to coexist with stun guns and Tasers on the market, wasp sprays haven't been welcome additions.

The two sprays are deterrents. While pepper spray was made to prevent human opponents, wasp sprays were designed to stop attacking insects. A big difference between wasp spray and pepper spray is evidently in the desired target.

Wasp spray was never intended to be employed on human beings. It usually is made up of pyrethrins, that are insecticidal elements obtained in pyrethrum and chrysanthemum plants. This active component infiltrates the nervous system of bugs in a purposely fatal manner.

Pepper spray operates by aggravating the skin, the eyes and the breathing passages without doing long term injury. With deadly results making a huge distinction between wasp spray and pepper spray, the former could do you much more injury than good.

There has not been satisfactory testing and research information to back the use of wasp sprays on people besides bugs. Maybe they are harmful on human. Possibly they are safe however would they work then in foiling a danger?

In comparison, a lot has been put in into the study and development of pepper spray as a non-lethal self-defense weapon for disabling attackers on the short term. Therein lies perhaps the major difference between wasp spray and pepper spray.
Newer pepper sprays are much more powerful protective tools. Good examples are pepper guns that make use of a modern dispensation method in which the unit can be fired out just like an aerosol, nonstop, through crazy angles which includes upside down. Selecting the wrong spray could mean the difference between sparing and losing a life.
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