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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Learn Design Techniques And Earn Fine Art Degrees

By Michelle Conner

There are a number of different art degree programs available for students today. One such degree program is Graphic Design. With the wide availability of the Internet, graphic design has become more and more utilized. One university that offers a great Graphic Design program is the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Graphic Design encompasses the communication of ideas and information in visual aspects. By creating visual interpretations of ideas and information, Graphic Designers create a more accessible form of communication. Graphic Design is utilized in political statements, to address social issues, to entertain, and to advertise. Messages in Graphic Design are created to evoke strong reactions and responses by those who view it. Graphic Design is used to address a broad spectrum of individuals and for specific group sets as well. Graphic Design has been used creatively to effectively transform everything from books to magazines to film. It is a great way for artists to develop their skills through more innovated mediums. Understand more about degrees in art and see how you can enter your desired profession.

The Graphic Design program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia has been operating for forty years strong. It is known as one of the top design schools in the nation and has an excellent reputation for turning out successful and talented individuals. Their Graphic Design program is widely recognized and is considered to be on the leading edge of technology. The goal of this program is to prepare students to become top-level professionals in the creative world of Graphic Design.

The faculty members of the Graphic Design program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia are world renowned individuals who have studied under revolutionary graphic designers in both the United States and Europe. The graphic design instructors at the University of Arts in Philadelphia have been recognized in such international publications as "Who's Who in Graphic Design" of Switzerland, "Eye" of the United Kingdom, and "Idea" of Japan. Faculty members at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia also contribute to the collections of several design museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. All the faculty members in the Graphic Design program are accomplished professionals in this field. Take note of degree in liberal arts to acquire marketable skills.

In the Graphic Design program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia students are trained to become generalists so that they can lend their knowledge of visual communication in a variety of ways. In the program students are taught how to collaborate as well as create an individualistic style for themselves. Students are taught to be inventive in their creations as well as how to behave in a logical and ethical fashion at all times.

Those enrolled in the Graphic Arts program at the University of Arts in Philadelphia not only partake in traditional classes, they are also given the opportunity to participate in real-world experience before they graduate. This is done through a variety of University internships and freelance work that students are able to do in and around the city of Philadelphia. By the time students are in their junior year of the Graphic Design program they have the knowledge and skill sets to become employed as entry-level designers. Most students can obtain part-time work at this time from various employers in Philadelphia and New York City.

After graduation, students who complete the Graphic Design program are able to gain successful employment as professional graphic designers. Alumni of the University of Arts in Philadelphia have gone on to work at Siegal+Gale in New York City, MTV, Sony Music, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many other prestigious employers. Graphic Design graduates are able to work at a variety of design and advertising firms as well as being able to become visual communicators across the globe.

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