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Friday, October 21, 2011

Makita Tools Offer More Versatility In Any Workplace

By Adriana Noton

Makita tools offer equipment for either professional or consumer projects, whether the project needs pneumatic, electrical, or cordless equipment it can be found in their catalog. Products range from general drivers and saws to plumbing, woodworking and concrete equipment. The cordless product line is becoming popular in factories and other production type jobs due to the ability to save the company money by lowering energy costs and allowing more versatility in the work environment.

Construction workers find that cordless products give them greater ability to finish projects more quickly than using electrical equipment. Workers are not confined to one area for plug-ins and tools can be moved closer to provide easier access, making workflow smooth and stable. Hard to reach places and tight corners are easier to access with more free-range movement and lightweight equipment, providing the worker with less stress and more maneuverability.

Air compressors and hoses require more maintenance over their cordless counterparts and hoses can get in the way of progress causing constant movement and annoyance. Cordless tools provide more access in closed areas, taking up less space and allowing users more capability in completing projects quickly.

Manufacturers save money by reducing energy consumption of air compressors or electrical equipment and have less downtime due to malfunction or maintenance. Work areas are safer with no cords to trip over or air hose malfunctions that can cause damage. Long lasting batteries provide undisturbed functionality, ensuring that production is met.

Torque settings are available in a locked position that can only be changed with a special key, allowing employers to set the specification needed for their projects and locking it in place. Batteries are designed to give warning via and indicator light when they need to be charged. Motors have been tested to ensure that they produce reliable performance and longevity.

All products are developed and manufactured by Makita, no outsourcing is involved in the process. Manufacturers and authorized service centers are available throughout the world for maintenance and repair. Factory trained technicians are always available to check out any problems that may arise with the product, saving time and money of shipping the item out to be serviced. Proper maintenance ensures the tools are in top shape to take on any project no matter how tough or brutal the conditions.

Easier, lightweight designs provide more ergonomic handling, producing less stress and fatigue on the user. Comfortable handles allow the user to have a better grip in any work environment. Lithium-ion batteries have a built in chip that records how the tool is being used and releases this data to a CPU on the charger, which charges the battery to the use specification to allow the best performance and longer battery life.

When starting any type of project, Makita tools are the best place to begin. With a vast catalog of products and equipment to choose from, customers are sure to find what they need. Buying from a company that is known to offer the best quality for the money invested, is a smart choice for any consumer.

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