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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out Of The Box Fitness Strategies That Amazingly Works (Part 3)

By Sean Stewart

For the following 21 days, I want you to have a daily morning ritual. You need to get a pen and a paper upon waking up and then write the following quoted words, "Infinite grace of the universe, I am confident that you will help me to be successful with my fitness goals and that I believe that the universe and I are one. Through your abundance of mercy, I shall overcome." You need to be capable of thinking this thought and actually say this over and over again always. This is powerful when you want to feel down and really want to give in to the temptations that will bog you down.

As you go through the day, I want you to be on guard for the conflic in side your head, where there are two voices and I want you to CHOOSE the positive voice, the voice that is supportive, the voice that says it will work just go for it. This is the voice of faith.

What sounds strange but effective is the feeling of love. Why love? Love will help you with your fitness goals. This will help you have the readiness in accepting the reality that is ahead, that achieving your fitness goals isn't easy. You will feel a whole lot better in resisting temptation too.

When you decide to combine the positive feelings and thoughts such as love and faith. Then, achieving your fitness goals, or actually whatever goals that you have presently will be faster for you. You will also find it easier to accept the reality that losing weight is an uphill climb for you. You will think straighter whenever you see tempting foods that will not be good for you, it will be faster to resist such temptations.

Since the negativity will be vanished, you will soon discover that achieving your fitness goals through exercising daily, exercise, and resisting laziness and unhealthy foods are not that much of a struggle anymore. It is become less of a chore and more of an exciting activity for you.

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