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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Power of Thought

By Glenda Feilen

Coping with differences is very crucial in relationships. When you find love, you can't make somebody else change, so you want to treasure them how they are. The reality is, when you attract a person and you do find love, you are more alike than different.

Everything in your life is a product of the Law of Attraction. Discover love by utilizing all three of your major energy fields. You continuously transfer energy with other things and people. In order to find love, use the Law of Attraction not just from within you, but in how you present yourself to others. You attract also in the energy of things near you, in your environment.

Take money for example. You can make money the easy way or you can make money the hard way. If you want it to be effortless for you, the first thing to do is to have a good mentality about money. Money reacts to how you think it. You attract what you enjoy and money responds accordingly. If you think favorably about money, you grow and build it up. However if you badmouth and condemn it in any way, either your own money or somebody else's, you dissolve it and repel it from you.

Everyone would like to know how to earn money, however not everyone is willing to simply change their thought process about it. To make money you must have a productive attitude about it. You must love money. You must feel good and feel happy when you think about it. Think of money as being charged with divine intelligence that hears what you say.

As a way to cultivate these positive thoughts about other things, you should first have positive thoughts about yourself. You will never do better, be better, be more prosperous, or have a better relationship than your self esteem permits. Self esteem is how you feel about yourself based on your childhood programming from your parents, teachers, peers and your incorrect understandings about the things that happened to you.

Parents who don't realize how they influence a child's self esteem, frequently discipline in a way that is damaging to the child's valuable assurance. The parents often focus on the behavior of the child instead of the child's self image. For example, when children misbehave, let's say they bicker with each other, parents often misdirect their discipline on the quarreling. They don't realize that the quarreling is just a symptom and that there is a hidden motive behind the arguing.

It'd be much better for the child's self esteem to focus on the characteristic the child needs to correct the behavior in the future. The parent could focus on telling the child about being a peacemaker, patient and forgiving, or taking personal responsibility for their actions and not blaming. Instead of focusing on what the child did, look at the child's nature - who they really are as a person.

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