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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Facts About Electronic Cigarettes For Some People

By Shelly Maxim

Today, many people search for ways to do their everyday regular tasks in a new and technological way. This has come to include smoking. Electronic cigarettes are now the option available for interested people who live with non-smokers or are interested in relieving themselves of their addiction to nicotine.

An e-cigarette, as they are often called, is an electrical device that is similar to regular smoking in that it produces an inhaled mist that has a similar appearance, sensation and flavor as the real thing. It does not, however, have the same odor or health risks. Many people use smoking as a way to alleviate boredom or stay their appetite. This is a way to have that similar feeling without coughing and smelling up the room.

They work by heating a liquid solution inside the cigarette and releasing a harmless mist into the air. It works similarly to a humidifier used in a dry room or environment. On the outside, the e-cigarette appears to be very same as a regular cigarette. They can also be developed to look like cigars or pipes. They can be disposable, reusable or contain replaceable parts.

Although there is some disagreement about health issues and the use of e-cigarettes, most people agree that it is healthier than smoking a regular cigarette. It has the additional value of not smoking up the room or causing others to become upset. There is also a concern that younger people, such as children, might be drawn to use them.

There has been concern that these devices would appeal to children who are too young to smoke. Legislation is being discussed among healthcare workers, researchers and organizations about this. Legal authorities are also stepping in to make sure the devices are safe. Although the original concept was thought up in 1963, the public was not privy to them until the mid 2000's. In 2005, they were developed to the point that the public was able to use them with some security.

An e-cigarette has a cartridge, an atomizer and a power supply. Most portable models have a battery. There are devices that can be plugged into a power unit when needed. The disposable devices are all on unit, while the others are capable of battery change and being taken apart.

Some electronic cigarettes have parts that can be replaced if something goes wrong. Most consumers find that they would rather purchase the reusable type because it has proven to be a money saver. The cost of cigarettes today has risen to the point that people are looking for whatever way they can to eliminate extra money being spent.

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