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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tips for Finding the Best Massage Tables

By Athena Hunter

When looking for a massage table, there are many factors you need to think on. Like any other big ticket item, you need to think of how much you can afford to pay for it. You will need a table that will last you for a while if you are buying it for your own practice, so you need to think with the future in mind. The massage table you get should be one that will allow you to work at your best and also provide comfort and support to clients. In this article we'll be discussing a few of the main elements to remember when choosing massage tables.

The frames on massage tables are, in general, made from metal or wood. This is the most basic of options you will have to decide on when choosing a table. Since most massage practices have a holistic dcor, most therapists prefer wooden frames because of their natural appearance, a preference their clients share. As with any thing, there are a wide range of wood varieties and qualities available, and if you are after a wooden frame, you need to check this aspect. Maple is a good choice, as it's sturdy yet light. You will also find some pretty good aluminum massage tables, but you have to be careful, because not all of them are well-built and some of the cheaper ones will fall apart before you know it. Another type of material sometimes used is carbon fiber, which is both strong and lightweight.

If you hope to get a superlative massage table, you might want to think about the kind of model used in salons and spas. These are heavy duty, very comfortable and may have an electric lift.

Those tables are certainly stationary and projected to stay in one location because they are pretty big and burdensome. Other than them being comfortable and pretty tough, spa quality massage tables instantly classify you as a professional with a serious practice. Certainly, you can still be a fabulous massage therapist with a lower cost, or possibly moveable table, nevertheless some people like the image, plus the quality of these long-lasting units. It is conditional upon your desires, the sort of practice you have and your finances.

Those tables are certainly stationary and projected to stay in one location because they are pretty big and burdensome. Besides them being comfortable and fairly long lasting, straight away, spa quality massage tables make you out as a professional with a serious practice. Of course, you can still be a great massage therapist with a less expensive, or possibly portable table, but some people like the image as well as the quality of these heavy duty units. It is contingent on your needs, the sort of practice you have and the amount of money you have.

The level of comfort of a table is also dictated by the face cradle. Your client's face will be resting on this component and it will have a significant impact on how relaxed the person is during the session. You have to find a face cradle that fits well with your massage table. Face cradles are most often made of plastic or aluminum but can also be produced from wood or memory foam. Many face cradles are non-adjustable, but you can also find ones that gives you the ability to adjust it to fit the needs of each client. When a person is receiving a massage, the position their neck and face are in is critical, which is why you need to be extra attentive when buying this accessory. In general, when you shop for massage tables you want to get something that will serve you for a long time. Your clients' needs as well as your own should be met by the massage table you purchase. Ideally, the person receiving the massage will be so comfortable that he or she won't even think about the table at all. So, when you are shopping around for a massage table, remember the advice in this article and get a unit that you won't need to replace too quickly.

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