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Friday, October 7, 2011

Unusual Gift Ideas

By Kristie Fenwick

Gift giving has been around for thousands of years, it is simply an act that most humans love! A well thought out gift shows appreciation, respect and creates lasting memories for both parties. Avoiding the 'usual' chocolates and wine and opting for more unique gifts is sure to wow the recipient and will be highly appreciated. Taking the time to match a gift to it's new owner is imperative to those who enjoy the act of gift giving, but over time you can find yourself starting to run short of unique present ideas. To make the process a little easier here is a list of the top 5 gift ideas suitable for any occasion. 

Gourmet gift hamper
Hampers are a type of gift that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. It is the perfect idea for friends or close members of the family that always seem to be almost impossible to buy for - especially men. Quality meat delivery is becoming more common as more premium gourmet butcher shops pop up. There is a wide variety of different types, sizes and styles of meat hampers that gift givers can select from. As an added bonus, many of the meat hampers that are available today are offered in uniquely designed baskets, making them a great item that can continue to be used from then on. Most selections come with all sorts of meat selections such as Angus beef patties and gourmet sausages which would be perfect for a BBQ party. This is an ideal gift to give to someone that spends a large amount of their time in the kitchen. You can even add extras such as kitchen utensils, an apron and top selling cookbooks.
Day spa gift package
Treat that special someone with a relaxing massage package, great for people who enjoy sports, are pregnant, work long hours or just about anybody! Choose a refreshing day spa that offers privacy and comfort, this is the ultimate pick me up and is fantastic for stress relief and time out. Many spa's offer gift packages that can include manicures, facials and sometimes a glass of bubbly to really help the client relax.
Photo Calendars
This gift makes it easy to give the surprise of stardom to family members and friends. This is definitely one gift that can give any person a huge boost to the amount of confidence they have. This is a gift that can spring forth other great ideas that include placemats, mugs, bags and a wide assortment of other items that are personalized. There are no limitations on the types of items that can be personalized.
Super unique gifts
Providing you are familiar with the recipients taste in art, a hand-picked painting or sculpture is a fantastic gift idea. Look for pieces that will complement their existing collection and decor and opt for a small item rather than a large one that the recipient may not have room for.
Handmade gifts
A handmade gift is a great way to surprise a close friend or family member, if you aren't already into arts and crafts, try searching the internet for handmade gift ideas. Hand painted wine glasses or flower pots, unique cards and personalized photo frames, the options are endless and are sure to please anyone. With each handmade gift being unique, hand crafted and original they deserve their spot in the top 5 unique gift ideas.
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