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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What You Must Know Regarding The New Pass Port Application Form

By Ben Pate

The new passport application form, numbered DS-11, is more intensive that past ones. It requests more information. It might even be requested for you to send a new biological questionnaire. This form is almost impossible to fill out, requiring information from birth, and even before. Many of the facts requested would not be available to the average person.

Age Requirements

This new form must be submitted if you are getting one for the first time or if you are under age 16, if your last one was issued more than fifteen years ago, it was lost or stolen, or your name has changed since your last one and you cannot legally prove the change.

Time It Takes

The document should be completed but not signed. It should be brought to an acceptance agency and presented. You will get it within four to six weeks this way. If it is needed within two and four weeks, bring it to the agency and request expedited service. If needed in less than two weeks, you must bring it to a regional agent or place it online through an express new United States passport application form agent. Mailing it is not an option.


There is a new biographical questionnaire that a small part of the population may be required to submit. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to complete. Examples of some information required include all your addresses since birth, total employment history from the very first job including the names of all employers and supervisors. The addresses and phone numbers must also be included for these employers. The address of your mother before you birth should also be included. This and other information that is hard or impossible to find are required in ordered to obtain the passport.

The ides has been presented that the questionnaire is designed just to make it harder for some to get approval. Questions, it is claimed, bear little relation to the qualities needed. Some of the items may not even me available to the person. Things asked about the circumstances surrounding your birth may no longer be accessible. Even though it was your birth, you may not have any idea of the doctors and others that were in attendance.

Passport History

Requiring some sort of document to travel to other countries is documented throughout history. The first known instance was in the Hebrew Bible, in about 450 B. C., when Nehemiah asked the king permission to travel in Judea. The king wrote him a letter to present to the government officials he encountered. In Medieval Europe, travelers between countries had to present a receipt for taxes paid to be able to travel.

Until the early 1900's, pictures were not used. A written description of the document holder was given. The current procedures are far from what was required early. This is especially true for those requiring the biographical questionnaire. Older documents merely established that permission was being given for travel. Now it appears that there is more verification for worthiness to travel.

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