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Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 Killer Tips To Play Better Guitar

By Eugene Walker

Most individuals that want to become a famous guitar player are often under the impression that they can just pick up a guitar and after a few attempts start belting out some reasonable sounding music. What they don't realize is that what they are attempting to do has taken others many years of practice at least for those who are on the top music charts. There are not too many people that can pick up a guitar and make a wonderful sound resonate from it after the first few tries. If one is thinking of becoming a guitar player then they must also think of the work that is going to have to be put into it.

This means many hours of dedication by way of practice and overcoming the many frustrations that will set in.

This means being consistent and not going at it one week and then leaving it for a few weeks and coming back. That type of program will lead to absolutely nothing. In addition with the practice time it takes a lot of effort into working to get what you're trying to accomplish done right. This means a lot of repetition and often this is where the frustration will set in many times a new guitar player will expect after an hour or two of practice that they will have mastered a segment of what they are learning.

It doesn't usually work out that way although people learn at different levels. Individuals that have become professional players have spent many hours a day practicing for many months.

One thing that you don't want to do when you start learning to play your guitar is trying to add all types of different techniques that you are not capable of playing as of yet. This means that you must constantly practice the scales that you are going to be using and make sure that you have mastered them to the point where they sound good. You will want to get others to judge your playing as well as often its difficult for you to be able to judge your own sounds.

Often it can get quite boring when you are playing and practicing on your own and it doesn't give you a lot of practice at being able to blend your music with other instruments. A great tool that you can use to help you with this is called backing tracks. What these are is background music that is going to play along while you are playing as well your position being the lead or the loudest.

This also gives you the opportunity to learn to blend your music in with other instruments. You will learn how to adjust your volume and keep in pace it is a whole new way of practicing for you and a very important one. Also by using the backing tracks you can take an assortment of music and learn to work with each type. In the beginning stages you should stay with the slower music and as you become more accustomed to playing then you can increase to a faster type pace.

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