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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring in the older days was named pillow cut. For this type as its name suggest, resembles that of a plump cushion or pillow. Cushion shape comes in varieties of proportions. They could either be oval, square or rectangular with rounded corners.

Cushion cuts gained popularity in the latter part of the'00s until the early'00s.Before the dawn of electric bulbs, cushion cut diamond ring was also referred to as candlelight diamond because it was said to be most brilliant in candlelight.

In the modern day setting, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are more symmetrical than its older contemporaries, mainly due to the advent of modern refinements and upgraded lapidary skills. Though this may be the case, couples prefer older versions of cushion cuts and still searches for this kind in the antique or vintage market.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings work best as alternative for couples who prefer traditional, subtle designs. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are still rare in modern rings.

Cushion cuts are best in solitaires, the kind that draw the attention to the gemstone located at the center of the ring. Many women however, prefer small accent stones incorporated in the ring.

A cushion cut diamond ring has about 60 facets; this is 20 or more facets less than the modern rings. Facet refers to the smooth, polished planes that make up a stones surface. With lesser number of facets as compared to fancy shapes and signature cuts, it exhibits lesser brilliance.

But this characteristic, precisely adds to its unique appeal that sets the cushion cut diamond ring apart from its modern contemporaries for it provides a certain depth to the diamonds, allowing a person to see through it " revealing its unpretentious beauty.

The next time you invite your partner for a romantic candlelight dinner; consider a cushion cut diamond engagement ring to go with it?

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