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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do About Anything With The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi Tablet 16GB

By Simon Alves

The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB is a tablet made for you to do what you like. With the HP TouchPad, you can quickly share files, connect, browse online or play. You will be able to keep things organized by grouping together projects using card stacks. The HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet comes with an impressive 9.7-inch diagonal LED multi-touch display screen. The best of the web can be viewed on the HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet since it uses Flash. You can do live video calling with the front-facing cam.

You will have the ability to do many things at once seamlessly with HP web OS, and automatically the HP TouchPad pulls information together when you sign in to your online accounts. You will be able to compare your calendars, both work and personal, side by side, or look in your contacts to see your Facebook friends birthdays, or read all of your emails. There is a feature called Just Type which enables you to compose messages or do an online search without starting an app. You can likewise receive notifications without being interrupted from what you're currently doing. With the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock, you can charge the HP TouchPad without cables. You can touch to share sites with a Veer Smartphone, or HP Pre3.

The HP Touchpad is a tablet that has good battery life, good apps, good entertainment, good time experiencing the web, and a lot more. The best advantage of the TouchPad is the superb WebOS. Unlike any OS on the market now, WebOS keeps everything in sync and working smoothly. You can easily get connected to Facebook, calendars or emails. You don't have to worry about your home screen being covered in pesky icons. All of the internet can be surfed without getting a black screen because of a missing plugin. The apps are lacking in the HP Apps market, but maybe several are coming later. Nonetheless the apps available today are some of the top apps for productivity and entertainment.

The weakest part is the HP Touchpad. Today, all of the best tablets have front/back webcam, expandable memory slot, genuine USB connection and HDMI output. The HP Touchpad is missing a number of these features. Some people prefer to have more choices for inputs/outputs. The screen is great, with all of the photographs and videos looking good, along with the resolution. The touch response is excellent, and the life of the battery, being 5 or 6 hours. You will get low on battery if you leave the tablet on all night long.

The impressive versatility of the HP TouchPad allows you to do pretty much anything. The tablet enables you to connect quickly, along with surf, play and share. You aren't going to encounter any technical glitches. There is nothing identical to the HP TouchPad, if that is what you want.

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