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Friday, November 11, 2011

Does Free Social Bookmarketing Software Work?

By Cassie Dashurst

One of the things known to increase traffic to your website is social marketing. It isn't rocket science to figure out that social marketing can be both time consuming and boring, so why do it? The good news is that you don't have to, you can find yourself some free social bookmarking software!

You could of course subscribe and pay for a fully automated system. You enter all your registration details for all the social market sites you want to submit to, and then let the software do the work. There are some very good sites that do this. There are at least two good sites that will do this for free, albeit to a smaller number of sites. The two sites I'm suggesting here are Social Monkee and Social Marker.

The Social Marker site is semi-automatic and possibly the first free social bookmarking software on the web. What you do here is to tick boxes for the sites you want to submit to (and you need to register for these), fill out the boxes for the target url, the keywords you want to use, a title and information box and click "go". The software shows all the information you need in boxes at the bottom of the page, takes you to each site in turn where you drag this information to the appropriate place for each site and click "submit" once you are logged in. You then you simply move on to the next site. There are three problems I have personally found with the Social Marker site.

* I frequently get thrown out of the submission sequence and have to re-start from scratch again.

* When you list your keywords, it is natural to separate them with a comma. However, not all sites want them input in this way, so you have to do it manually.

* It is pretty well known that Google does not like identical texts plastered everywhere and will ignore them. Social Marker at present, only allows one text option, unless you enter more manually for each site.

On the positive side, Social Marker is a free social bookmarking software and submits to some of the top sites and allows you to choose those sites according to whether they have 'do follow' links or not.

Social Marker is sponsored by the ever popular Book Marker Demon program, and this would be my suggestion if you want to pay for a dedicated and useful piece of software.

Social Monkee works a little differently to Social Marker, but is still free social bookmarking software. The Monkee has a widget that you download to your browser (Firefox), and simply click on to allow you to download 25 inbound "do follow" links to one site, per day, completely free and with no strings. You can do it by just logging into your Social Monkee account, but using the Monkee widget is easier as it pre-populates the first required information fields. What Monkee also does better than Social Marker, is it allows you to have three titles, three information fields and three sets of keywords. Then you hit submit, and the Monkee runs around submitting different spins of your data to the social sites and then writes a report for you to view (clever Monkee heh!). This process is a great deal less time consuming than Social Marker.

Now, the above is totally free, but if you want to spice it up a bit and get 100 inbound links a day, to at least three different pages or sites you need to upgrade. Now the good news is you can do this with, or without hard cash. To upgrade for free, just recommend the free service to 12 people or, you can just pay the one-off $47 payment. This will give you 9000 back-links every month instead of the 750 you can get free! I'm afraid I took the free option, as I'm a bit mean, but you don't have to.

Now, both these sites are worth using and have free social bookmarking software. But if I had to pick one, I prefer Social Monkee as it works well, rarely has any hickups and allows you to spin the text and titles to some degree.

About the Author:

Check out these sites at; Social Monkee and Or for the dedicated Book Marker Demon program.. Also published at Does Free Social Bookmarketing Software Work?.

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