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Monday, November 28, 2011

Driving Away House Pests Chemical Free

By Jamie Brown

There is no reason to freak out at the sight of an ant, termite, mosquito, or rat starting to feel homey in your abode. You got to know that there are pest control guidelines which can help you get rid of these pests effectively. All you have to have is the willingness to learn how to do it right.

It is up to you to pick out which method to employ, however the natural and organic formulas for pest control are more commended than using pesticides due to the upshots of the harmful chemicals it can cause. That's why to make sure your health won't be at risk, begin practicing some precautionary steps.

Become familiar with what repels these household pests and know how to utilise these measures.

Ants have been tagged as one of the most irritating insects for a reason. One reason is because they come in massive colonies and they are all over. How to deal with it? Primarily, find out if you can find where they enter in your home. Once you know the exact part, it is time to block them off with citrus oil, coffee grounds, or cayenne pepper splashed over the spotpart as ants cannot go over these things. Other products that have been known to effectively drive away ants out of your home are garlic cloves, cucumber peels and spearmint leaves.

Now it is time to concentrate outdoors, wall the ant hill with some cornmeal particularly in the entrance. These will be taken in and distributed among the whole colony. Little do they know that by munching it up, indigestion would kill them within a week.

The unpleasantness of cockroaches roving around your home is enough to make you want to do anything just to get them out of your sight. You might not know it yet, but there are natural pest control tips suited to them as well! To avoid them, set catnip in the areas cockroaches might often dwell. But if they are already inside your house, set a container these cockroaches would easily discover with a piece of bread soaked in beer. Like cornmeal for ants, beer cannot be digested by a cockroach.

A mosquito dwells in stagnant water. So the first measure is to free your yard with all standing water - the habitat of mosquitoes. If you wish to stay outdoors, apply a solution mixed with at least 30% eucalyptus. This acts like any mosquito repellant you find in stores. Plants such as rosemary, marigold and sage in the yard all have natural deterrent quality which keep the mosquitoes away.

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