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Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy Natural Black Hair Care

By Nicole Johnson

Natural black hair care is very straightforward once you know what to do, contrary to the many myths saying that caring for natural African-American locks is near impossible. Trying to force hair to do what it naturally does not do will undoubtedly then make it seem difficult to manage. In order to care for this type of hair properly, it is necessary to understand it and its needs first.

Black hair tends to be drier than that of other ethnicities, and so it needs lots of moisture and conditioning in order to stay soft and healthy. Including a moisturizing and conditioning step in your routine will benefit you in many ways. No matter who you are, you will need a healthy scalp in order to have good growth. This means that you should wash and condition consistently, and using a pH-balance shampoo is much better for your locks than regular shampoos.

Using too much product is not a good idea, though it may seem so. They can cause the strands to dry out and be less flexible, also eliminating the absorption of products due to overloading. If this happens, you should consider deep cleansing your hair with a mask to nourish and condition it.

Too much product affects the scalp as well, as the follicles can get blocked and this can stop growth. If this happens, the type of mask you need to use is a detoxifying one and on a regular basis, so that the scalp is always healthy.

Detangling is such an important part of managing Black tresses. Doing it properly will ensure good growth and minimal damage and breakage, but bear in mind that this takes a lot of patience and is time-consuming. Making sure the locks are damp and moisturized, part into sections with a proper comb and move steadily to remove tangles by beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots gently. Starting the other way around will only create more tangling and tighten any already difficult knots.

Take care when towel-drying, as being too vigorous can cause splitting and encourage frizz. Heated appliances are also very detrimental to your tresses, but if you must use them, use a protective serum.

Buying the right brushes and combs from the start will make styling a breeze. Use a comb with wide and rounded teeth. The same goes for the brush, and be sure to get one that prevents static. These straightforward tips will help when it comes to natural black hair care.

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