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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Green Machine 2 - Make Your Kid's Birthday With A Big Wheel Trike

By Freddy McCandless

From the notes received on the Green machine 2 and it's predecessors, it is apparent that they're definite favorites with children and will be a toy they return to repeatedly as they develop. In brief, the Green Machine 2 is a toy that will grow with your son or daughter as they get more confident with their physical abilities plus general co-ordination. This informative article will cover what the toy is and why it is a good present for children.

The Green machine 2 is the next generation tricycle. In short it's a big wheel tricycle designed for children six years plus (and adults will not be resistant to the allure of the Green trike either). You might think, what... a tricycle? That's for little kids isn't it? Well, yes and no. You see this trike is turbo charged with features such that you wouldn't recognize it as a plain old tricycle. In short, it's a stunt tricycle that allows you to pull a variety of stunts and maneuvers that will have the adrenaline flowing and have your mates howling and screaming for more.

The machine is made by Huffy that have a long tradition in making cycles as well as designing innovations in cycle design and aesthetics (Do you remember the radio bike or more recently the cycle fixed with water pistols). The Green machine 2 has a big front wheel (21 inch) that's the power source of the trike. Pedals along with a crankshaft rotate the wheel (provided you contribute a bit of leg power of course). You will get some pretty decent velocity up on a flat track.

The innovation is in the steering. You have a twin control, like the joystick you may get in an aircraft (only times 2). The twin control columns manipulate the back wheels and a disk braking system on the front wheel.

By twiddling with the controls you'll be able to perform one hundred eighty, 360 and 540 degree turns. As the tricycle is so low to the ground plus the control system ensures that you retain the center of gravity over the machine in the middle, it truly is unlikely that you'll flip or tip over too. As soon as a child develops just a little assurance in the machine he/she will be able to make all varieties of stunts and will be eager to think up new tricks.

The Green Machine 2 will provide your children the opportunity to get a good amount of exercise and develop confidence in their capabilities. It beats the heck out of video games along with the trend towards wii fit as one way to get exercise.

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