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Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Get The Best Air Filters

By Owen Jones

If you have any form of air purification system installed in your house or office, you will need to change the air filters at some time or another. I am not only talking about dedicated apparatus that only purifies the air here, but also air conditioning units like you would find at home, in the office or even in the car. The principle is the same for all.

So, you may be operating an air purifier without even realizing it, but in that case, especially if it is an older one, it could be doing you more harm than good. This is because a dirty filter will be blowing unpurified air into the room at best, but in the worst case scenario, it might even be blowing contaminated air at you. Modern air filters do not only stop flies or even pollen from getting into the set-up through the air intake, they go as far as trying to block common germs too.

So, you have two options. If you have never replaced or cleaned your air filter or if you did not even know you had one and the air conditioner or air purifying unit is over a year old, you should do something about it right away. Start by reading the instruction manual. If you do not have one go on line and look to see if there is any information on your model at the manufacturer's website or even just anywhere on the Internet. If on the other hand, you have been cleaning and replacing your filter methodically, consider getting a better quality filter next time.

You can go about finding the best brands of air filters for your particular model of unit by noting down any serial numbers and identification numbers and names. The brand and model are very helpful too. You have two options here too. If you like going around the shops, take this information with you and ask about the best filters in several outlets A large DIY or department store could doubtless assist here. Write every name and fact they give you down on paper and take it home. I prefer to go on the Internet first and take that information around the shops.

Confirm what they have told you on the Internet. Check it with the manufacturer's web site and compare prices. Decide what you want to buy and where from. Get a year's supply in one go, it saves a lot of hassle. Three or four units should last a year, if they are cleanable.

A high quality air filter will work better than a cheaper one. It will block more pollutants, including smoke and fumes - even some microorganisms, if it has been impregnated with a germicide. Many come with a long-lasting mild air freshener too, which will save you buying sprays.

Better quality air filters will save you money and bother by lasting longer in good serviceable condition. Cheaper ones may say they last as long, but the germicide and the air freshener may have evaporated within a week or two. Try to get a filter that is cleanable. The best ones can be cleaned two of three times before they have to be changed. If it is three times then it will last four months, meaning that you only need three a year at most.

If you have purchased an unknown make of air conditioner or purifier, there is a good chance that it was still made by one of the big names or it a copy of a famous name, in which case a better filter may still fit into it. In this case, take your old filter to the shop with you to get it compared.

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