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Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Write A Sales Letter

By Owen Jones

Have you ever been reading an advertisement and know that you would like to buy the product? Then you step back a bit and wonder why you actually need that thing? Occasionally you come across an advert that is so convincing that you have that credit card in your hand before you know what you are doing. The advert has put you in a trance, in a buying frenzy. Just how did the author do that to you?

Well, ad composing or copywriting is a skill for certain, but it can be learned. Most people can write a decent ad because there are scientific steps that have been identified in a good sales letter, although what goes into those steps is an art.

The first thing to do is work out who you are going to be talking to. We do this each time we speak; we look at the person and make a judgment how to speak to that person. It is harder when writing because you cannot see who you are talking to, but you still have to attempt to do it. Are they surfers, are they mothers, welders, yachtsmen, car-owners, who?

Work out why anyone ought to purchase your product rather than someone else's. What makes your product so special? This is your key selling point. You have to be convincing. People have heard of all the Net scams are they are very wary. Who can blame them? So, give all the proof that you are sincere that you can muster.

Tell your prospective customer |about the benefits of your product. What will your product do for the customer how will it change his or her life? Think about the target audience, work out their worries and how you can triumph over them.

For instance, mothers are worried about not hearing their baby crying in the next room. Answer? Your baby alarm is sensitive to the slightest noise and will transmit it to the speaker without fail. A welder is worried that he will develop arc-eye, but your goggles are designed to inhibit arc-eye.

Once you have written your sales letter from the point of view of a salesman, re-read it several times, but from the point of view of your target audience. Would your sales letter sell you on the product? If not, amend it and carry on altering it. If your sales letter raises any doubts, it should answer them. Do not give your target audience a chance to vacillate or to say no.

Once you have your prospective customer on your side, you have to persuade them to take the plunge, to act now. You have to to give what is called 'a call to action' and you have to give them a reason to act now. So, you tell them to 'click here now' and you tell them that if they order today they will get a special bonus of ....

Always give something as a free bonus. People like to think that they have gotten a good deal and if they are given a bonus, then they must have gotten a decent deal. Handle the bonus as you did your main product. Tell them how much it is worth and why and then say that it is free with your product if they purchase now.

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