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Monday, November 21, 2011

Method of Flight planning

By Jericho Khris

One of the procedures that a private pilot has to be skilled in is flight planning. The FAA, or any other equivalent agency in other jurisdictions, requires that a flight has to be planned and then filed with an Air Traffic Controller before it can commence. All it really takes is experience, the longer you have been in the air, the easier it would be for you to plan out a flight with the least worries and problems.

Experienced private pilots can do this in a breeze since they've been used to it their entire careers, but for those who have just started or haven't started to learn to fly, flight planning is something that should be given attention and never done in a hurry or overlooked. Flight planning is a routine that you will master once you get these basics down and memorized.

Watching and reading weather reports are an essential part of flight planning. After all, one of the things that you should be watching out for is the weather in the area that you are intending to fly in. Of course, weather reports are mandatory and are issued regularly to pilots. You can get weather reports from the airport where you are going to depart from. Some weather reports may also be obtained through the radio. And in this day and age, the information can easily had by browsing the internet, which can give you a pretty accurate report if you are looking at the right sources of information of course.

For the more experienced private pilots, flight planning is a breeze and will only take a short time to get over with. It is best to look over information to make sure that everything is correct and in order. After you have done the necessary preparations, you will be required to submit all the information to the Air Traffic Controller inside an envelope.

Your certified flight instructor will cover everything about the basics of flight planning and will give you the basic idea on how the process of flight planning will go over. It is also important to mention that during the flight, you should always stick to your flight or else the FAA will subject you to certain action, you will only be allowed to deviate if there is an emergency happening.

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