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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oil Wrestling on Turkey Holidays - The Country's Most Traditional Sport

By Steve Alexander

From football to sailing, Turkey offers a variety of sports, but the main traditional sport in the country is oil wrestling. Take a break from the sunbathing and make your Turkey holidays that little bit more interesting by witnessing first-hand some traditional Turkish culture.

Check out where and when the matches are due to take place if you want to experience oil wrestling on your Turkey holidays. It is thought that the first match took place back in 1065 BC when the Persians were ruling Turkey. Rostam was one of the first ever wrestlers to compete and was believed to have had the powers to save the world from evil forces.

Traditionally matches could go on for days as they had no time limit, but these days the matches have a time cap of 30 or 40 minutes, depending on which region you are in. The oil wrestling season runs for eight months of the year, with matches taking place around the whole country.

If you want to relax after watching an oil wrestling match, why not head out for a traditional Turkish bath. It will relax you, clean you and as it gets rid of all your dead skin, it means you'll tan very well for the rest of your holiday.

Other sports available in Turkey are camel wrestling and football. In camel wrestling, two camels wrestle each other usually in response to a female camel being in heat. Football is very popular in Turkey, with the top league consisting of 18 teams including the famous Galatasaray.

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