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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quit Smoking Tips

By Ronaldo Tesan

Smoking has become a big problem for human beings. Although the consequences of this bad behavior are well known among the smokers it is not an easy thing to stop smoking. Everyday hundred of smokers are trying to step away but the smoking addiction is a hard barrier for them. In some countries it was recognized as an illness and government has some programs to help smokers. Some other countries are trying to solve this problem by law prohibitions. In some Asian countries there are very high penalties for smokers who will smoke in public places, inside of buildings and many other places. None of these processes have succeeded and people are still looking a more productive way in order to help smokers stop smoking. . However, nowadays there are many effective ways to quit smoking and one of them is buying a quit smoking patch.

Directions need to be followed to receive the benefit of herbs quit smoking. Slippery elm works to strengthen the immune systems flushing the toxins and impurities from the body. Skullcap maintains a balanced nervous system, producing a sense of well-being. The balance keeps the tension associated with nicotine withdrawal at a minimum. It also helps with headaches, that some experience during smoking pauses. Peppermint is a mixture of remedies; it's a muscle relaxer, calms headaches and detoxes the body.

A healthy technique to quit smoking naturally is to eliminate all saturated fats, refined sugar and processed foods. Avoiding these foods will reduce one's blood pressure and inclination to have hypertension. By removing these fats and sugars from the body over time one will possibly start to lose weight also which will put less stress on the heart. The more the body is provided healthy foods and fewer unhealthy foods, the more quickly it will have a stronger immune system for a better sense of well being.

The one tip more widely used of all the quit smoking tips is using a cigarette substitute which is basically something to hold in your hand and mouth to replace cigarettes whenever you have a craving, for example, lollipops, gum, mints, toothpicks, drinking straws or an artificial cigarette such as, E-Z Quit currently on the market.

The biggest benefit of quitting smoking habit is that you get your taste buds back. Often it has been seen that smokers ruin their taste buds. Now food seems to taste much better and you can really enjoy your meal much better.

Yoga has proven to be helpful to quit smoking naturally. Yoga positions help to slow down the heart and calm the nerves. Yoga provides flexibility and an excellent sense of self esteem. Quit smoking naturally has long term benefits and the sooner the strategies are implemented on a daily basis, the sooner the bodily systems will benefit.

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