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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I just launched a profile on a few nights ago. It looks like a very neat site, and I'm really looking forward to getting better acquainted with it.

SlideShare allows you to create a public profile page and share your PowerPoint presentations, videos, and documents with the world. There are also a number of social networking features at your disposal, such as the ability to "follow" the pages of other SlideShare users and in turn attract "followers" of your page, post announcements and thoughts to your "wall", etc.

A big thanks to Tina Weiss for telling me about SlideShare. Tina is the executive director of the Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce, and she does a fantastic job at keeping up with current trends in social media and educating business owners and leaders on how to harness the power of these great online tools and resources to build stronger customer and client relationships, increase visibility, and boost sales.

I have had a presence on for a while already. Scribd is similar to SlideShare and is another great online resource worth looking into.

--Aaron Robertson, president, Intrepid Innovations Inc.

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