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Friday, November 11, 2011

Spend Your Holidays On These Places With Economical Package Rates

By Daniel Turbin

Europe tour packages include travel and vacation offers provided by hotels and airlines in order to entice customers. The perfect time of year to get tour packages is somewhere in the months of November and March. There are quite a few tour packages available on the net, and, depending upon which package you choose, you can find them in either the same or different locations.

A great place to find Europe vacation packages on the net is Virgin Vacations. The organization (started in 1994) offers vacation packages to customers of Virgin Atlantic Airway. Initially, vacation packages were for London only, but today, the business has stretched its packages to Central and South America, Africa, the rest of Europe, Asia, as well as the South Pacific. Right now, Virgin Vacations is offering an eight-day tour of Amsterdam, Netherlands and Paris, France for just $1,299. Of the 8 days, 3 would be spent in Amsterdam, the other three in Paris. Breakfast for 6 days is definitely supplied. This package has been available since January 2011 and will expire in October 2012. You can also choose a multi-city vacation package, with a 9-day multi-city tour, with 2 days in London, three days in the city of Paris, and 2 days in Amsterdam for just $1,399.

Another place to find vacation packages for European destinations is Travelocity. One of the greatest vacation packages Travelocity is giving you right now comprises of both flight and four-night stay (December 4-8, 2011) at The Landmark London Hotel for $1,519 per head. This best buy could save you $749 per person. You may also save $525 if you purchase a vacation package with Travelocity.

There are a few good places to find Europe travel packages as well. One of those places is One among the current travel deals includes a 3-city tour of Venice, Florence, as well as Rome for only $1,199. This package includes three nights in every city, second-class train transportation, and also daily continental morning meal. Gate 1 Travel has travel packages that you are likely to love. A seven-day classic trip to Spain and Portugal will cost only $1,839 (entails airfare and hotel accommodations). The classic package comes with five nights first-class at hotels such as Melia Golgos Hotel (Madrid), Monterey (Salamanca), or Mundial Hotel (Lisbon), as well as six meals (five breakfasts, one dinner). Stops along the route include the Prado Museum (Madrid) and the Lisbon Cathedral.

European river cruises are among great Europe tour packages for a getaway vacation. Among the best places to purchase a river cruises Europe package is Affordable Tours. Economical Tours has multi-day packages for only $1699. One Danube River cruise includes a fourteen-day trip starting off in Budapest, Hungary, and ending in Prague, Czechoslovakia for $2,897. Upon arrival in Budapest, Hungary, you can have to tour the historic Buda Castle, where one can see that "Buda" and "Pest" are two cities divided by a river bank. On day 4, you will experience a cruise evening meal and board a cruise ship at dinnertime to move to Bratislava, Slovakia. On day five, your tour will take you to the Bratislava Castle where you will overlook the 3 proximal countries of Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. On day seven, your trip along the town of Durnstein on the Danube River will take you to the castle ruins of Richard the Lionheart, previous King of England. You can also get to view the Benedictine Abbey, one of the largest European monasteries of the Baroque period.

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