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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips On How To Efficiently Avert Bear Assaults

By Hary J Gatsch

Checking out the great outdoors promises a cathartic encounter. However, there is also the chance of running into wild wildlife like bears. You can stay clear of an unpleasant encounter with bears by being aware of what to do when you see one.

Experts recommend that the most effective step when you see a bear is always to keep your distance. But how can you prepare for an unavoidable close encounter? That is when a bear pepper spray can help you. It is your primary protection against any kinds of bears, as the stinging pepper spray will make them run away.

Keep in mind that bear defense spray is a defensive measure that shouldn't substitute prudence and precaution when exploring the outdoors. However, it can put you at a great advantage in case of an upcoming bear attack.

It has already been proven that a bear pepper spray is a more helpful bear attack countermeasure than any other weapon. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly item and does not have any damaging elements that could contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Reliable bear spray can easily shoot a target from around 20 feet. This distance puts you at a secure distance in order that you could easily protect yourself when you see a bear or any kind of animals coming your way.

Right now, a bear pepper spray should not be confused with pepper spray meant for people. These are two different products with different content. Buying the incorrect product and thinking mistakenly that you are well prepared for a bear encounter can place you in risk.

When acquiring bear spay, prefer one that is registered with the EPA. For starters, the Guard Alaska bear pepper spray is the only product of its kind that meets EPA requirements. In the business of deterring bear assaults, you must choose the best out there.

The finest approach to carry a bear defense spray is linked to your hip. This way, it is easily accessible to you if a bear confrontation is imminent.

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