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Monday, November 28, 2011

What To Do With Back Pain After An Accident?

By Philip Vincent

Back pain after an accident is a standard symptom among patients who have just experienced injury. The pain leads to inconvenience, irritation and it can actually be debilitating. Rather than feeling exasperated with your condition, you can explore the varied treatment options to reduce your symptoms. Try any of the following or blend one with the other and get rid of your back trouble permanently.


Doctors and other medical care pros prescribe pain relief products to patients who've back trouble after an accident. You can have the over-the-counter discomfort medications like acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These drugs can offer relief in as quickly as 30 minutes. Nevertheless their effect can only last as long as 8 hours. Once the operation of the drug subsides, you need to take another dose of pain reliever. For some patients, they regularly abuse the drug and take them more than necessary. Therefore, doctors often warn the possibility of obsession with them.

Warm Compress

Heat is another strong way to cope with back pain after an accident. Moist heat penetrates the deeper muscles to reduce the stress and supply relief. Using hot packs, place them in the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes. Just be certain that the temperature will not burn your skin. You may take warm shower if your condition will enable you.

Back Exercise

If your condition still lets you move, exercise is another effective way to deal with back stiffness after an accident. You can ask your physical therapist to assist you in doing the activity. Just use caution not to overstretch your muscles as this can lead to further muscle tearing.


Massage for back stiffness is getting more favored by the rocketing number of spa centres. The healing power of the hand has for a while been shown to be effective in reducing the strain of the muscles. You can hire a licensed massage therapist to do the back massage. They use either powder or oil to reduce friction. If you go for more specialised clinics, you can also select perfumed oils like eucalyptus and mint to offer you a rather more refreshing feeling.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese remedy for different health issues. The care involves the insertion of tiny needles in the body. According to the traditional belief, agony is thanks to the disequilibrium of energy in the body. Therefore if you want to dump the enfeebling symptom, you have to bring back your inner harmony and acupuncture will help you achieve this.

Proper Posture

After an accident, you have got the bias to change your posture to avoid stressing your injured body part. If you keep the position longer, the muscles become stretched. To avoid back stiffness, try to keep a good posture and avoid mooching. Follow the natural curves of the back to reduce the strain in the area.

Do not let pain prevent you from enjoying life. Try any of these treatment alternatives and you'll feel a release from your back trouble after an accident.

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