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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What You Can Do To Prevent Women's Hair Loss

By Eric Huff

There are some who will argue that women's hair loss can be positively affected by adequate hair care. Trying to make-do with any hair that is left is the only option that a lot of women are left with.

Eating a good diet is good for your hair. Your hair actually needs nutrients just like the rest of you, so your diet is important. You need a sufficient amount of protein, as your hair is actually made of this to a large extent. Your physician can advise you further on eating the right nutrients to maintain the vitality of your hair. You may also need more iron in your diet. Or you might require more Vitamin D or potassium. After consulting with a doctor, you may end up with a whole new way of eating.

Pick a style for your hair that doesn't demand many different products. If you have to use gel and mousse and hair spray your hairstyle is too complicated. Ideally, your hair should not take more than five minutes of your attention at a time. If you spend more time on it than this, you should give it some thought. You should keep your hair at a length that is natural for its type and proportionate to your face. If you let hair that's extremely fine grow long, it will have a flat appearance. Super curly hair will end up looking like a fright wig if you cut it too short.

Any kind of pulling puts a lot of stress on your hair follicles and scalp, and it will thereby weaken your hair. You can actually cause your hair to shed in amounts you won't want to see. A tight pony tail might look neater but loosening it up even just a little bit can keep your hair a lot healthier. When you wash your hair, be sure to massage your scalp, too. Use the pads of your finger tips to apply some firm (but not too hard) pressure for a few minutes during each shower. Better still is having your partner or significant other perform this for you. As you may know, the massage will stimulate circulation and promote the growth of hair. The message helps to induce relaxation, and it's known that stress can help to cause women's hair loss.

Whatever the kind of hair you have, use a shampoo that matches it. You may want to see a stylist for help with this. You can get an evaluation and then a recommendation for what will work best for you. Finer hair can easily be weighed down by very heavy shampoos. You really should forego the hair conditioners if you have oily hair. These and more facts are best gotten from your hair stylist.

Sometimes hair care doesn't always seem so terribly important, but it really depends on the person. If your hair is starting to thin, the last thing you probably want to think about is your brand of shampoo. While proper care of your hair cannot stop the hair loss in all women, it really can do wonders for some conditions. It is also the best way to hold off the hair loss for as long as possible. If you're concerned about it, then the best thing is to talk to medical and hair professionals.

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