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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What you should know about African Fabrics

By Jo Smith

African clothing come in a wide variety of style and design, but there is one odd features among them all and that's that they are colourful, bright and stylish and sometimes extremely comfy. African fashion has different means of expressing their attractiveness and elegance. A few contain broad and distinct embroidery whilst others are simple but exquisite without any embroidery, several come in a individual colour whilst other are conveyed in beautifully blended colours, some come with shorts while other with trousers. Entirely traditional African clothing give beauty, shape and character to the individual using it. African clothes has been in vogue for centuries but what makes it more appealing is the reinvention of old African fabric for creating modern and fashionable African styles.

So what now are the things you need to take into consideration when buying African outfits? I'd say there are four standard things you need to look out for:

1. What material is the design manufactured from?: there are thousands of African textiles however the most widely used kinds are the voile lace, satin lace, brocade, linen, adire, aso-oke, and the most popular called the Ankara, the texture of the Ankara is such that it may be made into any design both aged and new, but the most costly being the lace material.

2. What sort of style am I looking for that will suit my event: The sort of material or style you choose will get much more respect and accolade donning a well designed lace fabric than adire fabric so the larger the event the larger the material, even though in this modern time men may possibly prefer a well design Ankara to the lace fabric.

3. Just how much will it cost: Like we mentioned in the two factors above, the expense is something you require also to take into account, this is one thing African attire has over its opponents, because our material and design comes from the original source which is West African our price is quite definitely affordable and our design are unique.

I am certain should you supply yourself with this strong 3 points when looking for African clothing, you are 100% certain you will make a good choice and design.

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