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Monday, December 12, 2011

Analysing The Forza T5 Black Heat Class 4 Fat Burner

By Lisa Marie

The forza t5 black heat is one of the new, next generation "class 4" thermogenic fat burners.

These intense black versions are the strongest fat burners that forza have made. They start working in about 20 minutes, are super robust and are recommended for burning up fat simply and successfully shedding pounds.

The forza t5 black heat version contains all of the usual ingredients you get in the standard super heat product. But they have increased the quantity of those ingredients, by as much as 100%!

The new black heat health supplement has been deliberately built to supply you with an ultra high strength fat burner, the super heat has often been one of forza's best products, we believe this is because of the additional cayenne pepper metabolism effects.

The first super heat was quite powerful, so this black version with more ingredients will offer you all that's wanted to succeed.

One thing more that we quite like is the statement on their website which says, "people that have not attempted t5s before should not commence with the class 4 black thermogenic versions because they are too strong". We like that kind of truth. 

Forza T5 Black Heat Advantages
50% increase of the active fat burning ingredients (from their original version)
Extra ingredient added (mala root extract)

Controls food cravings

Acts as a lipase inhibitor

Strong anti-oxidant

Slows down cell damage

Can lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation

Increases your base metabolic rate which promotes thermogenesis (fat burning)

Forza T5 Black Heat Dis-advantages

Cannot take more than 3 pills each day thanks to the caffeine content

Not appropriate for folks that have not used t5's before


Check out the special offer page on this Christmas, they have various discount codes and offers which can help to save you plenty of cash if you're thinking about buying the t5's.
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